GM18 Early Birds on sale NOW

Woof woof woof woof! Sorry, had a biscuit in my chops.

Green Man 2018 Earlybird tickets on sale NOW folks! 2018 Earlybirds are very limited so snaffle yours up quickly before they all go and make sure you all your friends have grabbed theirs TODAY!

GM18 Earlybirds -
Settlement Earlybirds -

Big love, Walter  x

Phew got early birds But what a parlarvour (no idea if I spelt that right). I went online at 10am and bought one adult early bird settlers pass for £210 and a car park Settlers for £20- hope to goodness  I bought the right thing there, please reassure me someone!It says the settlers pass allows you to camp from Monday and access to the festival from Thursday. Then had to text friends who were somewhere in the Brecon Beacons with limited wifi to tell them I'd bought my ticket and to go ahead( they said they weren't buying until they knew I'd bought my ticket!). No mobile reception at work so whatsapped friends. Went of to give a talk. They later texted me to say they couldn't get online on the website- told them to keep trying. Got another message later to say they still couldn't get online. Advised to ring Ticketline. Rang me in my lunch break to say they'd bought tickets but one friend wasn't allowed to buy a standard early bird and blue car park pass. They'd confused Ticketline by asking for an early bird but saying they wanted to camp in the Settlers area. Told they couldn't and had to buy a Settlers pass. Told them to ring back and get Settlers ticket swapped for earlybird. They finally managed that. I'm exhausted!!! I have my confirmation email and it looks fine. Hope you all got tix if you wanted them!