GM 2021 - Yes, No or Maybe?

Seems ages since I've been on the forum - what's the current thinking on whether GM 2021 will go ahead?

I'm cautiously optimistic but certainly not over-confident and I'm definitely crossing everything!

Stay safe and hopefully be with you in a field in Wales in a few months time.

I spoke to the cottage owner who said all the work has been finished,I wonder if it's changed hands and they are waiting for new tenants.Just seems strange they would not open for their busiest weeks.

Does anyone have recommendations for alternatives to the Bridge Inn?  I've been going to GM for over 10 years but been a one pub man.

None have a good a location as the Bridge but for what it's worth my opinions are---The Bear has the best kept beer of any pub in Crick including the Bridge and sells real cider,The Dragon has the best beer garden and decent beer,The Britannia(I think) has a good garden,alot of festival goers but not always the best kept beer,The Three Horseshoes in Llangattock is a really good locals pub as is the Swan.The above opinions are based on two years ago and I have no idea what The Treebeard bar is like as its new.But happy to go wherever Decemberboy decides.

I've not interacted with the forum for a long time as it was too painful a reminder of what was in jeopardy. Reading these post in full is an amazing aide-memoire to the uncertainty and anxiety what everyone's been experiencing for the last 8 months though. What a rollercoaster it'd been - so glad we get to to do it again x

Clothes packing day,well after making sure they still fit.List of non clothes done and list of items to buy on the way done.Vaccination certificates arrived in post,just need to find waterproof zip up pouch to keep them safe.Three festivals in the next seven weeks,seems a little unreal after the last 18 months.

Same here,driving in from Brecon way with incredible views along the valley really did tug at the heartstrings and really did feel like coming home.Thought I caught a glimpse of the main stage but it just turned out to be Joseph and Rachel's tent.

i saw elesewhere that it's not andy's loos this year

and that there are fewer

that'll be an issue if it's the same for the main site...

Similar design to the ones I experienced at Farmfest 2 weeks ago, although these seem to be the de luxe versions compared to the Farmfest ones. And definitely better than the long drops of festivals back in the mists of time!

Regarding the new compost toilets:.

Don't.  Look. Down. 

No.. I was asked to show evidence of Covid status as I parked up... very pleasant stewards checking paperwork. 

Was then  given a covid check wristband.

No repeat of this at box office when I got my festival wristband 

Is that with Crickhowell Taxis? Have you booked taxi in, or back to Crickhowell tonight? I did hear recently they're short of drivers, but hopefully they've managed to sort something out by now. I'm happy walking in, but wouldn't fancy walking back at night!

Thanks for offer but only just seen your message. I'm going to walk in but will see you at Forum meet-up later, though I might not get there until nearer 7pm as likely to be in Far Out until then.