GM 2017 map

Hi I tried to post this earlier today but it wouldnt let me. Noticed the GM 2017 map released on Twitter the other day. If you go to #Greenman17 you'll find it. If I was clever I'd be able to post the hyperlink here but I'm not unfortunately. Perhaps someone can. I saved the map as a photo and emailed it to myself to print out. Can't seem  upload the photo on here either. Ho hum!


Business as usual by the looks of it - can't see any significant changes

Suits me as I think it all worked very well last year. Moving the bar in the Walled Garden to the back along with all the tables in particula. I hope they contin to split the ale and cider bars too. 

I wish they would mix up the beer and cider a bit between the two bars.  It is a bind to have to go round to the courtyard in between acts in the walled garden.  Ok if you are a cider drinker but not good for the real ale brigade.

got to say the new walled garden layout is a big improvement though.

It did make it a hell of a lot quicker getting served in the Courtyard Bar than the previous year though, when I was sometimes missing half of some performances just standing in the queue. It is still only two minutes from Walled Garden, and though not my preferred choice, there is still the option of the Growler I suppose. 

I notice there is a "Family Box Office" separate from the "Way In" 


Is this an easier route from Blue Car Park to Family Camping?

Cheers dude. That's settled a few qualms - we've been to Kendall Calling this year and endured a massive walk from car park to campsite.