For those not aware the bbc glastonbury is streaming 6 stages a day live on the internet---luminers on at the moment and pretty boring but Tame impala/alt-j/django django and dinosaur jr on later.


The iPlayer radio app lets you watch entire sets without having to endure any of those dreadful presenters on the TV coverage. I'd love to have seen Goat play at Green Man. Talking of which, I've not seen a recently updated poster for a while. There are still a couple of tbcs to be filled in aren't there, one quite a high ranking slot in the Far Out tent if I remember?


I have enjoyed the Beebs coverage this year. Great not to have to listen to Jo Whiney amongst it all. 

Villagers and Steve Mason remain at the top of my must-see list for GM. Pity we can't have PIL too ... or Savages again.


was at Glasto myself, now looking forward to GM, I have to ask mind...why the hell arent Alabama Shakes on the bill? And why haven't they been on the bill in the past?? GM have missed out on these, seem to be doing the festivals this summer, 2 years since their debut album so next summer they'd probably not being doing the rounds again. While I'm on one...Public Service Broadcasting in the Walled Garden??? They use visuals as part of their show surely Far Out Tent would be better. It's like Megafaun on the wrong stage last year all over again!! C'mon GM pull your fingers out!! and breathe

to be fair, i thought megafaun were on exactly the right stage

just in the wrong slot

having to compete with the soulless pop music headlining the main stage didn't help them

meant i could get to the front for them though!

my top three green man moments was watching britsh sea power in the cinema tent few years back doing the man from aran amazing experience.

Just watched all of Nick Cave's set, brilliant, particularly Staggerlee. As others have said elsewhere Goat were fantastic too and would be great at GM