Full line up by stage/day

Anyone know when the full stage by stage, day by day line-up will be announced?

I'm trying to discover as much new music as possible before we arrive, but no point setting myself up for disappointment if all my new favourites end up clashing.

Other than that - totally excited about what should be a cracking few days!

GM has never given exact specifics with stage times, etc. in advance

though a day by day with running order does go up a couple of weeks or so before

from which our own dibble usually makes a clash finder

though running orders often change between that and the day

and dibble has been conspicuous by his absence on here this year


We will be announcing the stage by stage/ day by day line-up soon.

Keep an eye on the forum and our facebook page for updates.

Woof Woof

Walter x

Thanks guys.

As my GM playlist is now longer than the amount of time I'll be at the festival, figured I needed to start being a bit more selective in discovering new bands.

I look forward to the announcement and any forum clash-finder help.  Not that I'm getting excited or anything, but I have just asked for a tent carpet for my birthday next week. Rock and Roll.


Tent carpet! That's a bit ostentatious isn't it?

Mind you there are others here who turn up in cathederal-sized tents, and then ones with trailer tents, folding campers and the like!

I've even heard of folk staying in local B&Bs for fear of an all-night disco ruining their weekend.

Don't worry about planning too much, in the end you'll go with the flow to some extent and some of your 'must-sees' will be disappointing, while you'll accidently come across some unexpected gems.


there's carpet in the cinema tent

i lay down on it during rozi plain last year to discover that it was bone dry

which felt like some kind of miracle

No Clashfinder from me this year. Work has declared the week before Green Man as a "No-vacation" week. My work ties back to A-level results so I'm a bit stuffed. Hopefully they'll realize that the trouble they had last year was a one-of and I'll be back in 2014.

The clashfinder is dead easy to do, so someone should have a crack at it. I'm afraid I'm not going to do one out of the goodness of my heart. Really going to miss it this year which is why I've been staying away.


Sorry to hear you won't be able to be there this year ukmountie. I'm very fortunate to have never worked anywhere where leave was restricted but I know how difficult it can be.

We'll be thinking of you :)