Fourth (Final?) Music Announcement

Hi Walter

So, now a month since you last spread the musical love...

...any hints to the Forum Faithful as to when we might here about the next (and I guess possibly last) group of bands to join GM2014?


Saw White Denim very late in the Scary tent at EOTR a few years ago - in one of those cracking slots after the 'headliner', as it were. They blimmin' well rocked the place. Add my name to the petition to get them to GM2014.

On the Mercury Rev front, whilst I find them periodically interesting and would be quite content to see them do Derserter's Songs live, I am in the minority of thinking that The Flaming Lips are a poor man's Mercury Rev! Far too try hard and self-referential for me, are Coyne and Co.


I was in art college when Be-Bop Deluxe's Modern Music came out - still takes me back there whenever I hear it.
I know White Denim are a main stage band but in my head I see a packed Far Out tent with them giving it the works! That would be something - Woods were getting there last year even with their sound problems.

Agreed on White Denim. They would fit well. I'm seeing them tomorrow night. Can't wait.

Has anybody heard of Bath band Kill it Kid? They're another one I'd love to see announced. They're only down the road from the festival too!

Think I'm going to have to hope they do play Green Man, as I'm already travelling to Bristol for gigs on the 28th and 30th. Another one in the middle might be pushing it, so far as Mrs Wakestock is concerned anyway!

Come on Walter, tell us what happened with B&S....

....or better still make them a very special early evening slot in one final announcement

Not sure, Krasnyi but, hijacking this thread as it's the one people are on, anyone listened to the new Sharon van Etten LP? I am now and it's really awfully good...


Yeah I've heard it - really good! Your Love Is Killing Me is a brilliantly devastating love song. Looking forward to seeing her.

Just seen a preview for Doune the Rabbit Hole, at which The Wave Pictures are playing with Stanley B, AND on their own further up the bill. I realise that we're clutching at much-wanted straws, but are we CERTAIN that there will be no independent WP set...?!


Stop persecuting the afflicted. I can't HELP it. And you'll all be shame-faced when you DO watch him, get blown away and say a HUGE sorry to moi!


Last year I think there were three or four TBCs once the days and stages were released, so perhaps room for just a couple more. Guess we'll have to wait another month or so before any more info on that front

I look forward to that too Ray, I'm afraid current finances didn't permit me to see him in Manchester on Sunday.
The jesus thing is the only slightly off-putting aspect of his music to me too.

I think I'm becoming a bit obsessed with Sharon Van Etten. Have had Tramp and Are We There on heavy (exclusive?!) rotation for a couple of days now, and just pull the trigger on a clear vinyl copy of the latter. Yikes.


You are joking, Kras?! She's really, really terrific! The songwriting is of really high quality. I can get you not liking Mac D. However, given your fondness for First Aid Kit, I am really surprised that SvE doesn't float your boat. Obviously they're different in style/genre, but the 'spirit' of the songwriting is not so dissimilar. Oh Man! My batting average with you is plummeting! I'm determined to get a few more hits!


If it's any help Ben, I'll be racing you down the front for SvE - my boat is firmly floated.

We'll have to build a big Venn Diagram to get our head around our various musical likes and dislikes :)

Looking forward to your company, peridot :o)

Having continued to listen to Are We There and Tramp on heavy rotation I have to, once again, bore everyone with my incomprehension and incredulity:

Angel Olsen is (quite reasonably) getting a lot of love on these here boards, including frequent appearances on people's must-see lists. Quite a few of the same people seem not to enjoy SvE AT ALL.

I genuinely am struggling to understand that! They are quite similar in that they vary styles across an album, incorporating folk, pop, rock and country inflections. They are not a million miles away from one another vocally, both seemingly excellent singers with great range and varied tone. Then the songs. AO has quite a lot of lovely ones. And quite a lot of just a bit dull/simplistic ones. Not that I need 'complex', I just need well-written. Certainly over both of AWT and Tramp I am struggling to find a SvE song to which my response is meh.

So why such a discrepancy in love for the two, amongst those on here for whom I would now expect both to be a shoe-in with, if it came down to it, SvE edging the 'win' every time?!

Answers on a postcard, please...


Whilst I won't actively avoid either of them, I can't say that I'll be overly bothered about seeing either. That's just going on a couple of dips into their albums via spotify.

However whilst the albums do nothing to get the slug slime flowing perhaps live I might find them a bit more interesting.

On the subject of female vocalists ... Samantha Crain is sounding sweet to these ears.

Ray - yes, agreed they are very different, I just feel that their appeal is similar. Glad you like them too.

Slugger - I would say, like almost all music of lasting 'value' to me, both need a bit more than dips. I have a feeling that SvE will be amaze balls live, as the young people might say.


Benny, I expect you are right about how good SvE might be live, but struggling to see how I can fit all the good stuff in.

Last year I did only limited research before going. I went wanting to see about 10 bands, most I saw and enjoyed, a few more I discovered. My problem was getting back and finding bands like Woods and Julia Holter that I didn't see and wish I had. This year I'm much better prepared already, but finding it difficult to find acts to drop from the Must See list. I think SvE will only be seen if there's not much else on.... but I'm quite sure she'll be the dogs danglies, as my generation might have said.

both are great live

SvE because the voice is ridiculously good - and her band are fantastic

AO because she's as funny as fuck as well

I got a copy of SVE's new one yesterday, I didn't think I'd like her but I was surprised by how good it is, she has gone on my must see list. With regards to Angel Olsen I checked her out briefly a while back and she didn't do anything for me, perhaps I have dismissed her to quick, what do you recommend?

Give AO's latest LP a go, Carnie - 'Burn Your Fire For No Witness'. It's pretty good. Quite varied in style and production, some lo-fi, some more-produced, some folky, some rocky. Much better, IMO, than the preceding Half Way Home.

If you're enjoying SvE's latest (which is bloody brilliant), then give Tramp a go too - I would be very confident that you'd like it too.


Cheers Ben I'll check it out, I also acquired the Sturgil Simpson album, it is very country but a lot of fun and some amazing guitar playing on it in the style of Jerry Reed but if country is not your thing avoid at all costs, or maybe not!

I like the Sturgill Simpson record too - good to play along with. Some nice telecaster on it. Reminds me a bit of the stuff Pete Anderson did on Dwight Yoakam's first album.

I notice the line up page has changed "Gareth Bonello" to the more well known "The Gentle Good"

I'm revisiting his back catalogue today. For anyone who hasn't checked him out, it really is fantastic stuff.

His last album was gorgeous and his appearance with a string quartet at GM 2012 was a highlight. His Chinese project is worth checking out too. Really lovely bloke as well.

Now it feels like it's getting closer, does anyone recall when we usually get the split by day and stage? Band wise I'm assuming there will only be one or two TBCs now?

Yeah, just saw that on your Twitter. Interesting! White Denim would make a lot of people very happy - oh, and anyone with a pedal steel guitar, mandolin, banjo and flat-picking guitar too.

Anyone else reckon they just might still be keeping B&S up their sleeve for a final ticket sales boost? Anything else now is a bonus to an already well-formed line-up so far as I'm concerned

What, what, what?

What's everyone talking about? Is there more news? Day splits? Mention of TBAs? Links please! Can't see anything on Twitter. TELL MEEEEEEE! AAARRRGGGHHH


especially as he DOES have a new record out this year

'from scotland with love'

details here:

and he's touring too - mostly scotland, but london in september:

june 14th - galloway library, colinsburgh
june 20th - solas festival, perth
june 21st - dreel halls, anstruther
june 22nd - leith late
june 28th - bannockburn

july 5th/6th - iona
july 31st - glasgow green

aug 3rd - pittenweem arts festival
aug 8th - skipton beacons
aug 15th - queen's hall, edinburgh

sept 20th - bunfight not at the ok karail
sept 27th - barbican, london

'Lo all,
did a quick comparison last week and I reckon they're maybe 7 or 8 bands short of complete? It might just be a few unsung and local walled garden acts to come, though (do they usually announce all them in advance?). And last year I'm sure the last announcement was not till 5 or 6 weeks before?

Listening to the Black Angels a lot at the moment for some reason. The lineup could do with a couple of bands like that...

Are Lost Map doing anything? Would be fun for their random shindig to become a mini-tradition....

Must be getting closer with some familiar names rejoining the forum chat---welcome back Blackcatista and Scouse Baby.Just announced on facebook they will be announcing more names for the main stages and a new stage.

Hello forum!

It feels a lot closer than it actually is, for some reason....

A new stage? Ooooh! Wonder where there's even space to fit anything like that in? Maybe they're doing something like moving rough trade tent acts into a "rough trade tent stage" next to it, or something.... Or do people like it as cramped as it always is?

So if there's a whole new announcement that probably means at least one big act to come.... Yay!

Hi blackcatista, good to hear from you.

Is the "new stage" a rebadged Green Man Rising perchance, as there's been no mention of that as yet?

I don't want any more announcements thanks all the same - there's too much treasure already.