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It'd be interesting (for me anyway) to see just who my fellow forumites are looking forward to seeing this year. I've often wondered is it really the headliners that pull in the average Green man punter. My particular must-sees are evolving daily and up to the time I've the official line-up times and stages I have a little sinking feeling about potential clashes. Only my 3rd Green Man this year and as yet I've been fairly lucky re. clashes except for last years TTMOE v Willy Mason clash which was softened somewhat by an extended Mr Mason set earlier in the Rough Trade shop. Anyway, the rules for this thread should you wish to participate: List your 5 "must sees" for this year. No more and no less than 5. Your list can be changed as time goes on Any clashes that are revealed will gain 7 sympathy points per clash. A total of 36 sympathy points or more will earn you 1 free pint of Growler.

Were Back

Weve been away for two years due to newborn who will be joining us this year at the age of two. Not sure how this will play with previous years of bouncing along to Metronomy late into the hours. Anyhow, toddler willing the top five is.....

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Midlake  Low, Public Service Broadcasting, Julia Holter. 

Being looking at the newer bands and besides Money who i know will be good,i'm really impressed by Grass House who are growing on me more everyday.

i think money are going to be amazing

and the tent could be empty at that juncture

thanks for the other tips - off to check them out now...

Currently listening to Woods' (hope the lack of a "the" and the apostrophe after the band's name is grammatically correct Ray along with the use of brackets for this aside) album "Bend Beyond" and it is very good indeed. I had dismissed them weeks ago as the lead vocal falsetto had grated but on second listen it is excellent. 

Has anyone seen them live and if so would they be worth opening negotiations over? There are big decisions to be made on Sunday. 

your grammar is impeccable

as is your musical discernment

very much looking forward to woods

(but hoping they don't clash with anna von hausswolff...)

I love that Woods album too - It was someone on here (probably mr ray himself) who put me on to them over the winter. I can see there might be a potential clash with the great Darren Hayman (and Darren comes first). I have to say I'd run miles to get away from Ms von Hausswolff, she's frightening. Same applies to Swans.

Apparently Darren is remaining in Crickhowell aftet the festival and plans to record an album there.


Nope. I did see Nico supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees in Plymouth and that was kind of scary though more the result of the hostile response from Siouxsie fans. Similarly Suicide supporting the Clash!

I saw Woods a couple of months back at Primavera, and I'd say they lived up to expectations. I believe Anna von Hausswolff is clashing with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, which is a damn shame as both are high up my list. Problem is I started colouring in the blocks on that Clashfinder and the more I've discovered the more coloured blocks there are. In fact there aren't many blank ones now! 

Saw Guy Clark at the Hammersmith Odeon many years ago supporting Emmylou Harris, his music is very sombre but somehow uplifting as it's all about trouble and surviving it. However, the Queen of beautiful, depressing songs is without doubt, Diana Jones. She made a rare and surprising visit to Abergavenny a couple of years ago and I was one of the luck twenty who saw her. She'd flown in from Nashville the day before and was at the Royal Festival Hall the next evening. How Abergavenny got her I'll never know - memorable! Looking forward to seeing Denai Moore as much as anyone.

Didn't see all that much of them as they got bottled off by irate Clash fans. I have somewhere a very limite edition album of Suicide live in about 1979 which primarly consists of Alan Vega haranging the audience and them chucking stuff at him. That first suicide album is a mighty work up there with the first two Pere Ubu albums for me.

And i like prog. And twee.

You are clearly a man of great taste Krasnyi, also a fan of Pere Ubu although not so fond of twee :) That Suicide gig was in Belgium I thinK? Heard about that cd.

Yeah - '23 minutes in Brussels', limited edition of 500, mine's 374!

Dub Housing remains one of the most other worldly pieces of music I've ever heard. In recent times only These New Puritans' last album had the same effect.

my only must sees are John Cale, Patti Smith and Edwyn Collins.............may discover more during the festival I guess- had never heard of Seamus Docherty until I caught him last year and thought he was wonderful

I envy you Poppy. Just been doing my lists and I've 26 under 'Must See'.

If the clashfinder were right, it's like I did the programming for Saturday myself. They all flow in a line with no clashes other than one minor overlap and some rapid dashing between stages. So, ignoring the need to eat and drink, it's a dream.

Sunday evening is  the nightmare to end all nightmares though. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, PSB, Local Natives, British Sea Power, Half Moon Run are all must sees. Arrgh!!!


Spookily i have 26 on my list but it includes F Buttons so not the same.Sunday evening is a nightmare,so much that i have booked tickets for Half Moon Run in Manchester--also i think there is going to be a crush in the walled garden on sunday evening,Half moon run have sold out a 700 capacity venue in Manchester and been moved to a larger venue.

I know you are going to miss Swans but if you get chance watch Thought Forms,live they have a sound almost as mighty as the Swans.

And I have left Swans off mine as Rhiannon has quite reasonably argued that he is the one and only act on her 'must see' list. 

Thanks for the tip on Thought Forms. I had them as optional but the other option is pretty much cobblers so I'll bump them up a notch :)

I think the Walled Garden capacity is going to be an issue a number of times over the weekend but Sunday night is certainly the biggie - Darren Hayman, Ann Von Hausswolff, Public Service Broadcasting, and Half Moon Run in sucession.

I can't understand the logic of having Grass House in the Walled Garden on Saturday while Ryan Francesconi and Mirabai Peart are on the Mountain Stage, it must be better the other way round.

I see that Half Moon Run's Bristol gig has also been moved to a larger venue. I hadn't decided whether to see them in London or Bristol. I'd normally go for Bristol but it's a Sunday night which means driving rather than the train. I've just gone and bought tickets for both - problem solved :) I still want to see them at GM though.


Hmm, I seem to have 32 on the see list of which 20 are must see. This doesn't include anything from film, literary etc. Couple of major clashes, decisions will have to be made at the last minute. Usually miss a few on the see list and stumble across a few gems unintentionally

I'm in the same situation Smithers and have been quite lucky with the "must sees" with seemingly only 2 major decisions to be made (Sam Amidon v Parquet Courts and Arbouretum v Roy Harper). The 12 year old is becoming quite opinionated regarding his musical tastes and after You-Tubing Roy Harper this morning he has decided he must see Roy so that decision is made for me. 

I'm trying not to be too rigid re. time tabling as part of the experience is stumbling across something new. I've only ever used the cinema and literature tents for shelter but it would be interesting to see day by day listings for them. Anyone know where I could find them? 

1. Stornoway

2. Band of horses

3. Kings of convien

4. Patti smiTh


Picking just 5 is tough! So, in no particular order...

  1. Patti Smith
  2. Solo Banton
  3. Public Service Broadcasting
  4. Sweet Baboo
  5. Blaenavon

Nothing will compare to the feeling when I saw Willy Mason and Tallest Man on Earth clashing last year! Tearing myslef away before he played King of Spain was the hardest thing I've ever done. Ever!