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It'd be interesting (for me anyway) to see just who my fellow forumites are looking forward to seeing this year. I've often wondered is it really the headliners that pull in the average Green man punter. My particular must-sees are evolving daily and up to the time I've the official line-up times and stages I have a little sinking feeling about potential clashes. Only my 3rd Green Man this year and as yet I've been fairly lucky re. clashes except for last years TTMOE v Willy Mason clash which was softened somewhat by an extended Mr Mason set earlier in the Rough Trade shop. Anyway, the rules for this thread should you wish to participate: List your 5 "must sees" for this year. No more and no less than 5. Your list can be changed as time goes on Any clashes that are revealed will gain 7 sympathy points per clash. A total of 36 sympathy points or more will earn you 1 free pint of Growler.

I included Phosphoescent in my list on the strength of a few clips of live shows on You Tube - they look fantastic live. Curiously though, the album does nothing for me so far ... maybe I need to give it more time.

some fine organic piano from scott stapleton there too - even if he is out of shot!

and even if he does look like a meth-addled biker who'd stab you for the price of a fix


mikal cronin.

darren hayman


the horrors



had to withdraw allah las and steve mason.

I'm genuinely sorry. Not an excuse but I've been poorly and the world has been looking cold and grey from my head. I have been getting it wrong. This may well be the best one yet - cos, as Faeriekisses points out on another thread - it's all about discovering great new things. Please accept this genuine apology. I'm going to listen to some of the stuff I don't know and generally stop being a miserable git. You're good people on here.

5 is tough, but here goes.

Parquet Courts

Band of Horses (my daughter loves them)


Fossil Collective

Public Service Broadcasting


Blaenavon, Wild Smiles and UMO just missed the cut, so not much main stage action for me.


In ascending order then:

5) Villagers (Me and the Missus - cos she likes him and I'm also quite partial)

4) Phosphorescent (Me and the Missus and the kids and the lovely ebbing sun)

3) Public Service Broadcasting (Me and an I'll-reserve-judgement Missus cos she likes music with live singers)

2) F*ck Buttons (Me and a bottle of water)

1) SWANS!!! (Just me and my wounded ears - and the Missus singing along with Ben Howard on the other side of the festival!)

Patti Smith, Midlake, Low, British Sea Power and Jon Hopkins just bubbling below...

As the day of reckoning draws ever closer I find myself having to add Half Moon Run and Parquet Courts to my list.

I can't drop any off though, so it'll have to be my top fiv..en :)

PSB have always been first reserve, but I just can't 'get' Fuck Buttons. God knows I've tried but it just won't work. It's not even that I'm ambivalent, I actually quite detest them.


Was it last week you were going to see Akron/Family Ray? In my part of the world Wednesday, and definitely fancying going to that

it was - saw them last thursday

the three piece now augmented by an FX guy who couldn't look more williamsburg if he tried

(how is it that the moustache - once the epitome of all things british and tweedy - is now the instant identifier of a resident of the 14th ward...?)

anyway, they were damn good, as ever

the trick with ak/ak is to be prepared to dance, i've found

shake your ass and they will love you

even while paying in a time signature singularly impossible to dance to

don't know if you've seen them before but, if anything, they're a good deal more musically 'out there' live than they are on record

which, if you've heard the records, is saying something

anyway - it's always a singular event

no danger of ever getting a dialled in show with these guys!

which is the whole point, after all

so the short version is that yes - i can wholeheartedly recommend that you definitely go!

Not seen them before, or even heard all that much, but looking forward to redressing that tomorrow evening. Thanks for the dancing tips too Ray. Hopefully it won't just be me dancing like a loon

By a stroke of luck I've ended up with a free ticket to see Akron/Family this evening. I'll be sure to wear my dancing shoes!


was it good?

did your relationship survive?

I thought they were great, and I even think Mrs Wakestock quite enjoyed them, even though she's not as big a fan of beardy men as myself on the whole

Completely unrelated, but do I recall you saying sometime that you stay at Ty Croeso? Couldn't get a room there, but did get one at Park Place, also in Llangattock. I'm figuring it's easy enough to walk to the site from there, entering through the main car park entrance? So far as I can make out from map it also looks like Brecon canal runs that way, though I might have misread that! If so I assume there'd be a towpath alongside? I've always camped before, getting there by train/shuttle bus which drops us off at the main entrance on the other side of the site, so would appreciate any pointers

hi wakestock - yup, we stay at ty croeso

you can walk along the canal - which is obviously a lot prettier than the road - but the spot at which it lets you out onto the road is a good distance past the entrance

so you have to double back and end up walking a lot further than you would if you just walk along the road itself

the road doesn't have any pavements though

so when walking back along it at night, i'd advise carrying a torch and wearing a reflective jacket (cheap from somewhere like halfords or on-line)

just so the local boy racers can see you as they hammer along in their souped up fiat puntos

it takes about 20 mins to walk from the site to llangattock

but there is a bit of bastard hill to climb at the end

Perfect. Thanks for that Ray. Might just walk in during the day but get cab back to Crickhowell at night from main entrance. I think where we are staying is nearer to Crickhowell than Ty Croeso

ah right

yes, just looked at a map

you're actually just past crickhowell on the way back

more like a half hour walk then

but still absolutely doable

and no bastard hill!

'Out there' is a good description, but I did get plenty of dancing in and a good time was had.

Hope you enjoy yourself Wakestock (and Mrs Wakestock.)

Couple of interesting recent additions in comedy and spoken word that have sneaked  in more or less unannounced so far as I'm aware, namely Isy Suttie and Caitlin Moran. Are we still waiting for one more prominent tbc in the slot before F Buttons as the poster suggested I wonder? 

I know she divides opinion but Anna Von Hausswolff is rapidly moving up my must see list--Ceremony is a wonderful album.

I really like what I've heard of Julia Holter's new album too. In fact there was a comment somewhere on here, admittedly before complete line-up had been revealed, that suggested women were under represented if I remember correctly? That was before the high-priestess of punk herself joined the party it's true. If any area is under represented personally I'd say it was black artists. Are there any?

i guess the colour or sex of the artists is not something the bookers consider,just wether the music is right for the festival.

It's going to be tough for sure. Some good stuff in the literary/comedy area too, in particular Copey and Robert Wyatt; and then of course there's all the Fence stuff in the cinema tent. And we're even spoilt when it comes to those food choices!

I fear a flashback from the 70s when one summers day the young me was allowed to queue up with 8 pence in my pocket to get an ice-cream at some filthy seaside resort only to be faced with rows of exotic flavours.

Panic set in. Rum and Raisin? WTF! Honeycomb? Blueberry? Berries aren't blue! I thought ice cream was either chocolate, strawberry or that light yellow one that adults ate. The swelling queue behind were growing restless... 

It's too raw to go any further with the story. Needless to say if you see a trembling wreck at the courtyard bar blame the choice of 99 beers. 

Maybe I'll just stick to Growler. Unless of course anyone has any recommendations? Is there a list anywhere? 

Sample widely Slugger but can I just point out that the Rum Tiddly Um cider is mine - special order just for me.

Please don't ask the bar staff for any as they may be too polite to refuse you ... and you wouldn't like it anyway ... my precioussss