As legendary as any Mountain Stage headline performance is the annual Green Man Forum meet-up, and it's time to confirm arrangements for the 2018 event.

In time-honoured tradition we call on users of this forum, old and new, to meet up on Thursday evening for a drink and a chat to kick things off. 

As ever it'll be a very relaxed and informal affair, and a great way for newcomers to pick up a few tips and meet a few friendly faces that you’re likely to bump into from time to time over the weekend.

Just pop by and say a quick hello, or stay chatting into the evening ... whatever suits. There’s no pressure or expectation whatsoever.

All are very welcome and we usually have a diverse bunch of young'uns, old'uns, families, friends, solo travelers, teetotalers, alcoholics, music fans, twee fans, glitter babes (biodegradable of course), etc. 

Dress code is a green t-shirt/top if you have one, purely to aid identification of the group. The infamous 'All Night Disco Wrecked My Weekend' thread may be long dead, but we strive to keep its memory alive so if you see anyone wearing the t-shirt in the link below you’re certainly in the right place.


At there's a lot going on in the Far Out tent on the Thursday evening with the Lost Map birthday celebrations etc., we propose to meet there.

We'll be outside the END UP BAR, which is the bar adjacent to the Far Out tent, and we'll be somewhere near the corner of the bar furthest away from the tent itself.

Start time is 5pm, but don't worry if you're not set-up and roaming the site by then as we’ll be there for a few hours - so just pop along when you can. 

Anyone using Twitter - follow @ANDWMW for any last-minute updates.

Can't wait to see you all there!

Roger that, Peridot.

Possibly wearing alternative forum uniform  in the form of a customised disgusting pink Pictish Trail t-shirt. 

I'm heading in to see the International Teachers Of Pop early doors and then I'll be at the meet up. Would like to see Public Service Broadcasting but that all depends if I'm still standing by that point. Previous years suggest I won't be. 

Elizabeth - If you're going to wear your pink Pictish t shirt maybe I'll wear my orange one. We can go down the front and embarrass him.

Then I shall complete the set in my blue Pictish Trail t shirt. We couldn’t have planned this better if we’d tried!

Excellent post Peridot. Entertaining and informative. I’m stupidly excited for my second Green Man Festival. How many sleeps?!

they do!

shame there's no way the rads will be there on time to see them

as they seem way better than anything else happening on thursday (bar his lynchness)

The only green t-shirt I have is a Boards of Canada one, hopefully that will suffice!

International Teachers of Pop.... I'm liking what I hear.

I'd love a BOC tee shirt.

Just bought a rather lovely Steve Mason number, which might arrive in time. 

Failing that it's the pink Pictish one.

Tried to set up a login for this fourm a while back but now seems to be working! First time at Green Man for me, but quite like the idea of the meet-up, if newbies are welcome. I do have a green T-shirt too (it's Hefner). 

Really looking forward to this festival!

Newbies are extremely welcome ...

... all the more so if wearing a t-shirt of that quality!

Have you managed to catch Darren Hayman's 'Breaking God's Heart' tour?


Thank you! Will try to make it. I think we will definitely be in that area around that time anyway as would quite like to see the bands on in Far Out (although from what I'm reading that might be tricky!).

I did indeed! Went to the London date. Cried like a baby. A huge album for me as a young un. 


I saw one of the London dates too - it was fabulous, and the perfect venue for it I thought.

The tent shouldn't get too busy for the first few bands. Pictish Trail is of course a Green Man institution so I reckon it'll be full. And it'll be absoutely rammed for Public Service Broadcasting.

If it gets too hectic, there should be video screens outside relaying the action.


Welcome Voodoo Doll. I was a newbie last year and found everyone v friendly. Congrats on the Forum registration many have died waiting for that to go through. Cool t shirt choice (already have t shirt envy!). see you in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!

Good to hear Peridot - it was indeed a wonderful venue for it. Felt very privileged to be there!

Thanks for the welcome all - it definitely sounds like a very friendly festival with a nice vibe so I am looking forward to it. It's a while since i've been to one of this size, so will be a bit different. My regulars are Glastonbury and Supernormal, at opposite ends of the scale, so this should fall nicely in the middle. 

Would like to see PSB but have also seen them several times so won't be heartbroken if too busy!

I've been coming to GM (apart from 1 or 2 years) since 2008, and have been lurking on here for a good few years, and always tell myself that I should pop along to the meet up.

This year I will come to the ball - even if the timing of Anorac means I might not stay for that long!

So a last minute change of circumstances and some good luck with Twickets means I'll be along (with a car park pass I don't need.... If it reaches me on Monday I'll pop it back up on Twickets as Walter would advise). I'm on an early train on Thursday so should be around for all the fun.

"So a last minute change of circumstances and some good luck with Twickets means I'll be along (with a car park pass I don't need.... "

If it's a bluey you could pop it straight back in the post and I'll Paypal the cash.

Hope to be there with my gentleman caller. Depends on how long the house and dog sitter briefing takes and how efficient GWR are being.

Looking forward to seeing you again supidog. Whisper it softly but GWR are doing well so far this week. I hope that holds 'till Thursday.


Safe journey everyone ... don't forget your tickets :)

Looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones at the End Up Bar from 5pm onwards.

It's going to be a great one!!!