Forum Meet-Up 2016

I think it’s considered my responsibility to kick this thread off each year. Like most things, I normally leave it later that I should.

I don’t know about you but this year I feel more in need of my favourite weekend than ever before, and Green Man is next month! That’s right just 45 days to the start of the festival, even fewer for the lucky Settlers. Thinking about that has cheered me up on this dreary Monday morning, so I thought it was time for the Forum meet-up thread.

It has become customary for users of this forum, old and new, to meet up on the Thursday evening for a drink and a chat to kick things off. It’s always a very relaxed and informal affair, and a great way for newcomers to pick up a few tips and meet a few friendly faces that you’re likely to bump into from time to time over the weekend.

Just pop by and say a quick hello, or stay chatting into the evening ... whatever suits. There’s no pressure or expectation whatsoever.

We usually have kids of all ages there, and even a few people who reckon they’re grown up. Families, friends, solo travellers, teetotallers, alcoholics, music fans, twee fans, and t-shirts honouring our favourite thread. Yes, look for anyone wearing the t-shirt in the link below and you’re in the right place.

So where and when? As Thursday evening and the area around the Far Out stage will be busier than ever this year, I’m proposing a return to the Walled Garden, directly in front of the man bar, with a start time of 5:30 - 6pm (immediately after Meatraffle).

I know some folk won’t be set-up and ready to party by then, and others will want to watch Flamingods etc., but we’ll be there for a few hours so pop along when you can.

We may even have a VIP or VIC drop by!

Oh, and in deference to this new-fangled social media thing I’ve set-up a Twitter account that we can use together with this thread to keep ourselves updated in advance of, and during, the festival.

It’s @ANDWMW so get following and twitting …



Second everything Peridot says,it has been a really good start to the festival the last few years and nice to bump into familiar faces over the course of the weekend.Would prefer it to still be at Far Out stage with maybe a Friday lunch time meet at the walled garden but will go along with what everyone else wants anyway.

Good forward planning Peridot! We like it.. 

There's a nice gap in the schedule at 7pm if we could tempt you to stay a while? 

Woof woof! Walty x 


16:45 - Meatraffle

18:00 - Flamingods

19:30 - Cigarettes After Sex 

21:00 - King Gizz

22:45 - Wild Beasts 


20:00 - Metropolis (live score) 

22:45 - Green Room

Thanks for the times Walter, that's very helpful. I certainly want to see Meatraffle, so I've moved the start time to immediately after their performance. We'll certainly be there at 7 and beyond :)

I take your point bph, but that is going to be an issue in any case with the expansion of Thursday night activities (which is great to see).

There are good logistical reasons why using the Walled Garden will make for a better meet this year ... trust me :)

We should also think of something to identify ourselves better. I'm not wanting to encourage flags at Green Man, but perhaps something relatively discrete that would be visible above our heads would be useful?

Haha Kras, I've had enough of drones at GM, after the Bill Callahan debacle.

The knitted beards of a couple of years ago were a good identifying feature, if not a tad itchy.

Surely you're not suggesting bunting Peridot? I'd love to find an excuse to purchase some like this....

I'll look into discreet flags.....


i keep trying to approve of it

but every time i've been there since elizabeth first alerted us to its wonderousness, it's been sold out

the cunts

Traffic and set up pending, count me in - I promise to eventually meet some of you lovely people (and some of the others!)in real life.

ps - Anywhere I can get an ANDWMW t shirt??

Looking forward to seeing you there waveydavey.

There was only a single batch of t-shirts made by one of the members here at the time. The company was and is still around, so if there was enough demand I'm sure he could run off some more.

Thanks for the heads up on times for Thursday Walter. Handy to know when planning travelling to get there in time. See you all there at some point after Meatraffle's set

Looking forward to it. Have to admit I've never heard of Meatraffle but with recommendations from the posters above who I know to have impeccable taste, I have a bit of investigating to do! 

FWIW I think the group is usually easily enough found by the high percentage of green t-shirts. 

Meatraffle is a band? I thought they were raffeling meat. This is a thing in Cardiff. You can buy a raffle ticket for a tray of mixed meats in pubs. They also do skittles matches to win your Christmas dinner- a Turkey roll. But they are odd in Cardiff. I think we should have a good old fashioned banner. An oval portrait of ray_rad with 'fuck off' in fancy gold lettering round it. On the back we could have 'I'm not here' and a fold up camping chair



"It should keep the flies away"

as long as there's worshipping going on, you may simultaneously burn the great erection you have constructed in my honour

Sounds perfect Cyfarthfa, I am sure he would feel honoured :)

And I believe Meatraffle are indeed named after the customs you describe, which are to be found in other odd places around the country too.



My 17-year old niece alerted me to Meatraffle, apparently they're mates with Fat White Family. They're getting a lot of play on Marc Riley and Gideon Coe. They put me in mind of early 80s stuff like Poison Girls.

Right, I've been out doing that old-fashioned shopping thing today and discovered the perfect outfit for the forum meet-up ...

If I can't find enough cash down the back of the sofa to afford it, I may have to go for the nearest equivalent from Peacocks, but I hope everyone else will be paying suitable attention to their sartorial presentation.


Very nice Peridot, look forward to seeing you in that.

As always I will be styling the wellies/shorts look, favoured by this femme d'un certain age, completed by a large gold fedora and accessorised with two mithering kids.

Looks good Krasnyi

Just don't wear it in the stage areas. 

Another great annoyance of mine is people wearing hats at gigs ... really great idea to block everyone's view a bit more, and why the fuck are you wearing a hat indoors anyway?

It's great getting old ... you pick up a new annoyance each year :)


Only one annoyance each year Peridot?

I'm now so grumpy it's hard to find things that don't annoy me, especially in the current political climate.

I'm really looking forward to my favourite week of the year, so I can pretend none of this madness is happening and I can reserve my ire for mundane aggravations, such as gig talkers, drones and musical clashes.

Great sentiments Elizabeth. 

I'm similarly looking forward to a few days of great music, food, drink, and company to restore some sense of sanity, at least for a while. I'll be treasuring every single moment of Green Man this year. So much so I expect I'll have to work hard at getting irked by any minor irritation, but I'll do my best.

Love the new avatar Elizabeth - I hope it's a gift from one of your mitherers :)

I need to change mine, it no longer reflects how I feel.

I'll pop along to this, it'll be nice to meet a few people with it being my first Green Man. My other half is looking forward to the Metropolis screening so I can have a bit of an explore while she's there.

That's excellent jed, looking forward to seeing you there.

We'll be in front of the Walled Garden bar and should be easy to spot.

If you use Twitter, follow @ANDWMW for live updates on the evening.