Forum Meet

In theory, in three weeks time I shall be (eco)glittering up for the day.

I won't actually believe it's happening until I'm there though so thinking of a forum meet does seem a little abstract at this point.

Not having looked at likely timings (for the above reason), would someone who has like to suggest a time and location?

My usual festival crew are rolling over so it's going to be a very different GM for me, but when I allow myself the luxury of looking at more than what's directly in front of me I'm beyond excited for this year.


I'm well up for a forum meet. I actually can't remember what's happened in previous years (see what the extra year gap does to my memory) - somewhere near the End Up bar possibly?

i feel there has been a mix of end up and walled garden (my personal favourite) depending on the line up... and again, any time between 6-9 :D

Every year i've wound up distracted and not made the forum meet after planning too... seems this year is as good as any to make the pledge!! (been a lurker on here for years). Normally 6pm on the Thurs and wear something green? Well up for it. Any regulars going this year? 

Well remembered PetePete .. 6pm on Thursday has been the arrangement over recent years.
The difficulty has sometimes been knowing which areas will be open at that time .. we've been caught out by the Walled Garden opening later some years.

However, with the greater activity on Thursday this year we can be assured of it's availability.

So (assuming layout hasn't changed) I'd suggest meeting outside the Walled Garden bar, which be to the right of the main walkway into that area.

I think we'll be drinking toasts to absent friends Cyfarthfa, Krasni, and Smithers this year but I'm hoping to see other old friends there. 

I want to see Wet Leg and Lynks (in the walked garden anyway) early on and then I'm free until Working Mens Club so will see you all there. Be great to see everyone. 

Is anyone else starting to feel just a little bit excited now? My first taste of live music in 18 months this evening in the company of Teenage Fanclub, with the next being Green Man. It wouldn't be right if you didn't swerve the forum meet-up Ray, but we'll be able to see you. 

yes, after a fallow year, my barnet is obvs EXTRA lush

you can use me as a landmark

"the round the twist tent, you say?  why just turn left at rayrad over there - you can't miss it"

I certainly am .. haven't managed to get any gigs in pre-GM so can't wait to get there and party. Hope you enjoyed the Fannies.


Wonderful to finally get to a gig after so long, and they were the perfect band for it. Left with a warm fuzzy glow. They've been doing it long enough that you wouldn't really know it's been 18 months since they last played a gig. 

feeling a bit odd about seeing the fannies at GM without gerry

presumably they didn't do any of his songs?

a fannies show wihout 'sparky's dream' is hard to imagine...

no, then

hey ho

still a LOT to enjoy in that setlist!

Always going to miss those songs, but so with so many gems in their back-catalogue that I think they can get away with. They seemed very happy to be playing again, and Euros Childs fits in quite seamlessly if unobtrusiveply. 

Will feel very odd seeing them without Gerry, although I think the new album is fantastic and Raymond has written some of his best songs in years on it.


i was pretty chuffed when they asked me, i have to say

I'm coming to Green Man by myself and won't know anywhere there, so very keen to come along to the forum meet too.  Just hope I can find you all!

Is it still the green t-shirt rule?


Absolutely .. we've never managed to sort out a flag or anything to make life easy to find the group so green t-shirts are really helpful.

I'm hoping to have slimmed back in to my ANDWMW t-shirt .. and equally hoping that Pieminister and other food stalls undo my effort over the weekend.


I will be there for Fontaine's, but not sure if I will be able to cope with a mosh pit.  Need to pace myself as been missing gigs for 18 months and festivals for 24.  Gonna take some getting used to being back in the festival mode.