Anyone want to hazard a guess at what the guitarist had taken too much of?  Certainly gets my vote for the most extraordinary performance of the weekend.

Ha! I was literally about to post this. Your guess is as good as mine.... my initial reaction was that he's just one of those diva types, but I've also heard he's not usually like that...

For those who weren't there.... they came on, the other two started playing (improvising?) while the guitarist made gestures and faces, mainly towards the sound desk. After what seemed like 10 minutes they started getting on with the set (during which the guitarist seemed to be complaining that his bottle of wine was empty, and was brought a can of red stripe which he proceeded to wave about as though he'd never seen a can of lager before). Just as things started looking a bit more normal, I think what happened was their roadie bumped into their stack of amps, knocking them all to the floor. Guitarist waved goodbye and walked off, followed by his embarrassed- looking colleagues. Nobody knew whether that was it. Pictish Trail (DJing) didn't know whether to play a record. After about 10 minutes they came back on and played one more long track. 

Might be hard to get them to come back and play in future years. 

To add to this..  the guitarist maybe played his guitar for 1-2 minutes total in the entire set; he mainly played a couple of notes and then felt that he need to re-tune the guitar, wave it around, make gestures and spend a lot of time bending or kneeling down to fiddle with whatever pedals, knobs, etc that he had on the floor.  Being on the barrier in the middle, I had a fairly good view of this. Also many gestures to the stage crew and his manager to change things to his satisfaction, be it the lights, the monitors, his drink or just anything that seemed to provide an excuse for not playing his guitar.

I was there and found it weirdly brilliant. For a lot of the performance he was making signs like they did in Close Encounters when the mothership landed. Absorbing.

Surely gone into GM folklore this one! They were a must see for me this year and it was an entrancing car crash for me and I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I really like what they do recorded and if you like your krautrock, Spaceman 3 kinda vibe then you will totally get their penchant for long pieces etc. I’d see them again no question in a different setting.  I collared Juan the guitarist/vocalist on his way to the wood pizza place for a chat and he apologised for ‘the temperamental stuff’ !! Yep it hadn’t gone according to plan!! Wished him well... a memorable gig however for both right and wrong reasons!!! 

Green Man folklore is right! After the first 10 minutes I was thinking we were heading into legendary Michael Rother territory, which was without doubt the most amazing Green Man gig I’ve ever seen. Then, the sign language and the pedal adjustments, facial contortions started whilst the ‘throbbing’ musical background seemed that it was about to take off in earnest. That never totally happened, but nonetheless it was something to behold  and - wouldn’t have missed it for the world.