First Timers: Settlers and flying from overseas

Hi all, This is our first time to Green Man and first time to UK/Wales for that matter. We'll be flying in Sunday from the U.S. and coming into Abergavenny on the train - but from there I'm hoping others can provide a little assurance. There's no free shuttles until Thursday, and I've contacted the bus company and they're a little stumped also but looking into it. I've read a few comments that seem to say "catch the 43 from Abergavenny and just ask the driver for Glanusk" and we've found the closest-seeming bus stop of Tretower, Gilfaes Turn. Hopefully someone else has done/is doing this and can assure us that we'll find our way?

Also, any tips that you can give (even though we're only a week out now!) would be helpful on brand-new GMF-ers and Settlers will be much appreciated! We'll be planning to spend our time on treks and hikes and walks and buying/eat food in Crickhowell :)



Google maps agrees with who ever suggested the 43(or the X43) - although you need to put in crickhowell rather than Glanusk. It will probably drop you off on the edge of the Glanusk estate if you request it, most country buses in the UK will stop whereever you want, if it is safe to do so. And the driver will no doubt be aware of the festival, so you wont hve a problem. It seems to go from right outside the train station (Station road) so you'll find the stop easy enough. If not there is a decent pub right there, they'll help you out.

Worst comes to worst, get a cab. With the current exchange rate it will feel well cheap anyway! 


It might be worth contating a local taxi company to see how much it would cost from Abergavenney to the fstival. I imagine it would cost about £10-15 but you would get dropped off at the entrace and it would be less hassle with all your stuff. I've found Crickhowell Taxis to be excellent over the years, Their number is 01873 811 764, website

Depending on how many people are in your party it might not be that much more expensive than several bus fares.

There is a bus stop for the 43 at the bottom of the station approach road. I can't 100% recall whether it's just off to tleft or right at the bottom of the road, but it's near the junction. I've only taken it from Abergavenny to Crickhowel, but I believe it does then go past that he Glanusk estate. I'm sure the drive will be able to advise. As Decemberboy says though, it might be less hassle to get a taxi and not much more expensive, especially if there are a few of you. I think I paid around £20 from the festival site to Abergavenny station a couple of years back. Taxi fare from Crickhowell to the festival entrance is around £5. You say you're flying in Sunday. where are you staying Sunday night? Settlers doesn't open until Monday morning does it?

I should have just said Monday - we'll be arriving in London early Monday morning after a Sunday afternoon departure on my end :)

Good question, though, would definitely not like that surprise if I had planned on staying there Sunday night hahaha

And thanks for the bus info, that is helpful to ease my anxiety that we will be able to navigate it :)