First Timer Questions

I will be coming to Green Man for the first time this year and have some questions... I have been to Glasto, V, IOW and some foreign festivals before so am used to the mud, camping and general good vibes... but green man seems a little different in that it is a family festival... I am coming with friends.. late 20s/early 30s ...

I in no way have anything against kids being there... i think kids at festivals are really sweet and happy at glasto... but is the festival mainly about music and families... What else is there? 

How is the atmosphere for my demographic? 

All the research ive done ... i keep finding information about kids but not much about the general atmosphere...

Any 20-30 somethings care to fill me in? :)



I'm only just outside the 20-30 age bracket but I can hopefully help! I can safely say you're going to have an incredible time at Green Man. One of the most amazing things about the festival is how well the different age ranges mix - yes there are lots of families, but there are also lots of groups of people who arent there with kids. I go to Green Man with about 8-10 friends each year and we go because it's so much fun! The music line-up's right up my street, but there's lots more going on - Einstein's Garden for instance is amazing and not necessarily aimed at kids & parents. After the headliners finish on the main stage there's tons to do - there are normally DJs by the GM Pub, and Far Out is packed until about 3/4am.