First timer with kiddos left it too late to get Blue pass! One spare or advice on how big a problem this is? :/

I think I covered it in my overly long thread title! ;) I went to buy one this morning (rookie error) and they've sold out! If anyone has one for sale that would be fantastic but failing that, how much of an issue is it? Is it very far from family camping? I have two small kids and just me! Any advice gratefully received... :)

Hi littlegreenmen,

Don't hire a trolley before you get your wristbands though, otherwise you'll end up paying for the trolley hire whilst you queue. 

There were a couple of blue passes available on another thread, although that was a couple of days ago.

You and your kids will have a lovely time - Green Man is a really fantastic festival.

it is a fair old trek from the general (orange) car park to family camping, possibly best, if you can, to carry your tent for the first trip via the box ofice to get your wristbands then hire a trolley for subsequent trips

It is not SO bad if the weather is fine and Elizabeth's advice regardiing the Trolley is sensible.  We have also got the little trelleys you can buy from camping shops which are okay for smaller items.  Best to get children and tent to Family camping first and then go back for everything else.  Once you are set up the children will have a fab tine - our girls love it!


Thankyou for the replies! Good to know it isn't the end if the world without a pass! I have invested in a pneumatic tyre off roader trolley which should hopefully also work for tired kiddos over the weekend! They are good walkers too so I fully intend to load them up with the lighter stuff! ;) 

it's not that bad - it's about 5 minutes longer than blue.. and blue fills up super quickly so it's probably about the same. 

Good decision on trolley - take a one of those cheap fleecy blankets for warmth and a large brolly and your kids will have their very own luxury GM-mobile, should the weather be chilly/damp of an evening.

I had the same issue last year with two six year olds and an orange car park ticket. It is a fair distance to family camping. I reckon a mile. I timed a brisk walk from tent to car without kids and it was 20 minutes if that gives you a fair idea. However, once we were sorted they had a ball! They got home and told everyone it had been even better than Disneyland. They are currently bouncing off the walls at the prospect of going back in a few days x

I am feeling much better now about this thankyou all! We're all very excited, even after this week's weather which means we have now added a whole bunch of waterproofs to the packing pile! ;)