First time GMer

Hi! I'm really excited for GM this year, lineup is getting better and better as it gets closer. I've been a bit over prepared and got my shopping list together already. I've seen that CND have charging facilities sorted, are there any must haves for a good Green Man? Is the site big etc, easy to navigate? Thanks xx

hey prepper_p

the site's very compact - it's almost impossible to get lost

at least until you're good and wellied

and even then, pretty tricky

number one key must haves are good waterproofs

even if it's as sodden this year as it has been on the worst occasions in the past, it's still easy to have a really good time as long as you're dry

may sound obvious

but i've seen a few miserable folks over the years who could have been happy

but the for the want of a pair of waterproof trousers

Hi prepper_p and welcome.

Have a look at the 1st time practical issues thread a bit down the page.

I think elizabeth summed everything up in a couple of succinct sentences.

Have a great Green Man and see you down the front for British Sea Power :-)