The finalists for Green Man Rising have been revealed!

hello friends! 

Happy Friday! If it wasn't exciting enough that it's the end of the week we've only gone and announced the finalists of our Green Man Rising Competition. The lucky devils are: Charles Howl, Erin K, Eva Bowan, Memory Clinic, Syd Kemp and Wildest Dreams 

You can watch them battle it out in the live final at the legendary Dublin Castle, Camden Town on Wednesday 23 July in front of a panel of industry big wigs. The winner will open the Mountain Stage at Green Man 14 and more importantly get to tickle my luscious belly. 


No, we're just wooly heads, not big wigs.

Erin K was the only other one I was able to listen to right through. There are certainly many many better new bands out there.


Can we have a list of who plays what day and on what stage next week I wonder? Think we need something to grumble about and the prospect of dreadful clashes is about all we've got until we get close enough to seriously discuss the likely prospects of near biblical weather forecasts