Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I'm seeing Angel Olsen next Thursday, during a conveniently-timed one-day work trip to London.

Any other GM regulars planning to be there?

Sadly think I'm going to have to abandon plans to go see Woods tonight, despite having tickets. Cost of travelling and limited late public transport options make trips to Bristol prohibitively expensive when I have to pay for the holiday I just enjoyed

That's a shame Wakestock. I'm fortunate to live just a short walk from Newport station so it's not such a problem. It is a pain though that the last sensible train from Bristol leaves just before 11pm as it often means missing the last 10 minutes of a gig - would be nice to have something around 11:30.

Really looking forward to a second blast of Ezra Furman tomorrow (with Sweet Baboo supporting), even though it means the 11:30 train back from the smoke. I have a feeling it will be worth it.


Last week in the space of five days I managed to miss Gruff Rhys (left buying a ticket too late), Syd Arthur (clean forgot) and the Burning Hell (visiting a potential secondary school for my daughter). Hope that makes you feel a little better, Wakestock.

10.55 is a frustrating time for last train. Often it's just about OK, but it's hard to call sometimes what time a gig might finish. Invariably means skipping the encores at best, and when I saw Wire a year or two back half their set I suspect. The half I saw was great mind. Even then, I'm basically stuck with a £25 taxi bill to get home from Cardiff, which does seem silly when the tickets are only £8. Thankfully Cardiff gigs rarely present such problems, though Bristol does have some great venues, and invariably that much more I want to see. 

Sure Ezra will be great. Assume you saw his set in Clwb a couple of weeks back, NATO summit permitting? Fantastic, as he's been on the other two occasions I've got to see him this year. Surely Green Man's turn next year?

Here's hoping Wakestock, would be top of my request list now.

Yes, the Clwb gig was terrific and I obviously though that seeing him again so soon afterwards wouldn't be so magical. 

But it was even more so ... being the last night of the tour he was allowing the physical and mental exhaustion to add a further dimension to the performance. In particular a couple of solo numbers allowed all the pain and suffering and passion and hope to pour out "broken, wide open, bleeding everywhere"

At my age I don't expect to be rearranging my top 5 all time gigs list, but it's certainly gone straight in there.


Working in my studio today, painting toadstools whilst listening to Mark Hollis' solo album....which seems to me to be very task appropriate.

It's a beautiful album.

Continuing my catastrophic list of missed gigs - Phantom Band (wife working late), Allah-Las (how did I know it was going to sell out?)

Anyone had a listen to the new AWVFTS album? Not had opportunity yet, but looking forward to it, and to seeing them in Cardiff next week. Curious to know where they will be playing as there's no venue details yet

When did they announce the Cardiff one? Missed that and splurged on a hotel room in London for the 20th.

Still, it'll be worth it because I get to throw popcorn at rayrad in the front rows.

This site suggests the Cardiff gig is in The Point ... which was my favourite Cardiff venue until it closed a few years ago ??????


Sure I would have heard if The Point has reopened, so I suspect that's inaccurate. They're playing as part of the one day DimSwn festival, which takes place at various venues in Cardiff on Sat 18 October. I believe specific venue and timing info might be released tomorrow. Tickets are £24, but that does give you access to something like 50 bands spread over a few venues from early afternoon until the early hours. I'll be happy if I just get to see AWVFTS to be honest, though clashes permitting I'd also like to see Grumbling Fur and Gengahr, and probably several more. The Point was a cracking venue

dustin o'halloran is a remarkable composer

the new AWVFTS record is as great as everyone says

but also recently been really enjoying his work on the 'transparent' tv series

(if you haven't seen this, check it out now - amazing stuff from jeffrey tambor as the parent of three grown and fucked up children, coming out as a transvestite in his 60s - hence that clever title)

and also on drake doremus's features, 'like crazy' and 'breathe in'

I think Transparent is only available on via Amazon streaming video.

You can get a free month's trial ... or explore certain other parts of t'interweb where it might be found.

I suppose you could even pay Amazon £80 for access ... but I wouldn't recommend it.


yes, we've been trying to wean ourselves off the tax-dodging, staff-abusing, small-business-bullying corporate whore that is amazon

but things like transparent haven't helped...

though we watched all 10 episodes in two sittings

so you could easily get the whole thing done in the trial period if you don't want to give them any money

I spotted 'Transparent' recently and added it to my rather long list of things to watch. I hadn't picked up on the DO'H score - that's bumped it to the top of the list


Starting to think about next year and the need to banish the long winter blues.

I think the Waterboys in the Roundhouse on Feb 3rd will be a good place to start.

Also playing Warwick Arts on the 2nd.


london show clashes with KC at the union chapel, though


will be seeing the waterboys in amsterdam in december though - so we'll cope

Hope you enjoyed Elizabeth, he was fab in Bristol last week.

Waterboys in Amsterdam - very nice rayrad. We'll be there at the end of the month, never thought to check if there were any good gigs happening. Anyway, I'd probably be slapped around the head with a bunch of tulips if I suggested it.



KC was on great form, played guitar and accordion in a trio with a djembe drummer and cellist.

Very civilised crowd of about 200 in a lovely ballroom setting.

He performed a lot of stuff from FSWL and Diamond Mine (Bats in the Attic and Missionary)....excellent!


James Yorkston upstairs at Leaf on Bold St, Liverpool last night. 

He was marvellous despite some fucking eejit scheduling an open mic night downstairs with the usual attendant screeching overwrought vocalists this type of event generally attracts, which could be clearly heard over his entire set.

He dealt with the situation with grace and humour, but it did really spoil what could have been a truly spine-tingling performance.

KC!!!!!!! Just got two tickets for the extra date at the Union Chapel.....I would never have known had I not had insomnia last night and read this forum at about 1am

PS Not sure if he would play GM next year as he is a bit of an Eotr exclusive (his manager is Simon Taffe, Eotr founder) I don't know if this makes him less likely to play GM or not, just a thought.

He played EotR this year though didn't he, and Bestival I think? Probably better for him (and his manager) if he's exposed to a different audience, even if it is a very similar audience I would have thought

Thanks for the heads up on the additional KC dates - rayrad.

I considered the Bristol one - but couldn't resist booking the full band / film performance in Glasgow!

Great Bristol performance (as ever) from Wave Pictures on Thursday night.

As expected Winged Victory gig this evening in Cardiff was just sublime. About as intimate as is possible - maybe 100 there? With unreserved seating I was able to bag a spot in the centre of the front row. You're in for a treat tomorrow (tonight actually) Ray and Peridot. I got chatting to the woman sat behind me who is part of the set-up at their label (erased tapes is it?) and mentioned fact that they'd be a popular choice to play Green Man, and apparently they were approached to play at this year's festival, but the timing of it didn't work out for them. Maybe next year? They're going to be back in February it seems, possibly playing a date in Bristol. They were around after the show at the merch table too. Some lovely looking vinyl there

Great, thanks Carnie.

I would have loved to be at one of these gigs, AWVFTS seem to be posting loads of gig related stuff on Facebook...I'm sure it's designed to torment me!

Reliably informed they will be back in February. They were also approached to play Green Man this year, but were unable to do it in August, so fingers crossed maybe not out of the question next year?

also booked for B and S at Buxton Opera House, never seen a band there before so looking forward to that. Saw Pale Seas at the Harley last week and looking forward to Goldfrapp at the Royal Albert Hall in a couple of weeks, never seen a band there either unless you call the Philharmonic Orchestra a band.