Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I'm tempted by the Sunday night lineup at All Points East. Has anyone here been before? If so what's it like as an experience  overall? Is it worth thinking about the VIP tickets?

I went last time Nick Cave played Wakestock, pretty good all round. Very corporate as you'd expect but can ignore all that. Arsehole quotient not too bad. No experience of VIP tickets but very easy to get to the front. We lingered too long at the end and getting out took ages resulting in a very expensive taxi ride home as missed last train. Not planning to go this year as we return from Wales the day before but with todays additions of Starcrawler and Hurray for the Riff Raff I might see if any cheap tickets going later on

I really did not enjoy All Points East last year - bad crowd, terrible sound in the main area, but might be worth chancing based on the quality of the acts this year

Ive been twice.  Id definitely recommend it if you're into the line up.  There's nothing much going on apart from the music but it's a nice enough set up. Lots of food options (London prices), which I would recommend selecting early as cues can get massive later on in the evening (particularly if its sold out). 

Bearded Theory last weekend.

An hour and a half's journey from where I live and at £135 for a weekend ticket, good value in a lovely setting.

Not really the same standard of bands on offer as GM but the Flaming Lips and Patti Smith headlining more than made up for the undercard.

An older demographic and friendly atmosphere. 

Definitely worth going if there's enough to please you in the line-up.

No decent options for two years and then two come along at once. Melbourne last Friday for Arab Strap (a Rising festival Exclusive that must have cost a fair whack! Fly 5 to Australia for one gig!), very good. Really like the new material, looking forward to seeing them again come GM. And the Baxter Dury on the Saterday in Sydney (possible also thanks to the Rising Festival, but also Vivid, and he is playing about 5 or 6 gigs around Aus.) Wanted to see him for ages, and he did not disapoint. Suitably sexual performance. But his keybaordist, Madeline Hart, works just as hard, often more signing duties than Baxter! Any one know anything of her? 

I've been a few times to All Points East (and its predecessor in Victoria Park, Field Day) and always found it to be a good day's worth of music, although as a London city festival crowd, it does have its irritations (e.g. a lot of talking during acts, you need to be willing to move around to get away from it at times).  I'm already in for The National day this year.

And just back from Black Deer.  My highlights were Israel Nash, Madison Violet, Dylan Earl, The Felice Brothers, Robert Vincent, Drive By Truckers and the set of the weekend (for which I left Van Morrison's set to see) Hiss Golden Messenger.  Don't know how many of those have ever played Green Man, but I'm sure all / any of them would fit in just great.


Saw the Drive by Truckers a week or 2 ago in Dublin and they were very good. 

From that list, the only act I've seen at GM is the Felice Brothers and (unsurprisingly) they were fantastic. 

I'm going to see Felice Brothers this evening, Wet Leg in Bristol tomorrow, and Rufus Wainwright on Saturday. I'll also be spending a lot of the weekend watching Glastonbury from the comfort of my sofa. 

I'll be seeing First Aid Kit in Halifax tomorrow.

Then next week, for a total change of pace, I'll be re-living my emo teenage years by seeing Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Green Day in Glasgow. Unlikely we'll ever see them at GM but I'm sure I'll have fun!

Saw Parquet Courts the other week at Manchesters Albert Hall who were magnificent and i have also got tickets for The Felice Brothers in Manchester, but sadly Hurray For The Riff Raff have just cancelled their Hebden Bridge date which i'm slightly gutted about.

Any standout sets from Glastonbury worth seeing catchup? I've heard positive reports about Yves Tumor but not seen it. Amy Taylor provided a masterclass in swearing. 

just seen that bill callahan has announced UK dates for november

london on the 2nd

pre-sale for that show tomorrow at 10am:

no doubt similar things will be happening for the other shows


"We are pleased to announce that we will be doing some shows in the UK in November. There will be a new album available by that time. The band will be Bill Callahan (guitar), Matt Kinsey (guitar), Jim White (drums) and Dustin Laurenzi (tenor sax). Since the world broke in two and we are living in the growling remains — we will make glue, we will make sunshine or we will at least intoxicate you. Which ring of hell will you be leaving to witness this show? Maybe you don’t have to go back! Maybe these shows will show you how. Drink your drink slowly, maybe no one will notice you’re gone."

I've just booked to see The Handsome Family in September, playing at the ever-lovely St Mary's in Chester which is magic. 

Its not as if you are in a rush to watch anyone on the Thursday but i would find a Monday gig after a festival difficult.

Reminds me of seeing the late (and very sadly missed) Jason Molina in Norwich the day after seeing him at EOTR. Mentioned that to him when I went to buy a record from him afterwards, and he was clearly mindblown and genuinely honoured. 

I'll be seeing Ezra Furman in Leeds on the Wednesday after Green Man. Feels a little ridiculous so soon after her festival set but I'm still looking forward to it!

Yeah, it's a wonderful lineup isn't it, but I don't think I could manage consecutive weekends. 

Heard it was excellent last time and a particularly special venue. Pleased it worked out well enough that they're doing it again.