Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I've booked to see everyone's faves the Manics in Cardiff in December although I'm not 100% certain that will go ahead. Not even fully confident Rockaway Beach in January will happen. 

Who knows?

i have had a comedy event rescheduled for December, only to be postponed again for October '21.

it feels like the criminal penalties given to 'immortals' in the film Zardos.  A 12 month sentence did nort seem too harsh to an immortal until explained that the penalty was that you aged 12 months instead of being given a prison sentence.  All these festivals and concerts and gigs will go ahead, just that we will be 12 months older when we finally manage to get to go to them.


I'm not even looking at the announcements of any new gigs right now.  But I'm not asking for re-funds on anything I've already booked.  So I've got enough re-arranged ones in my calendar already, some of which I suspect could well be re-arrranged again, and the further off ones that haven't been re-arranged yet (e.g. WH Lung) could well still get re-arranged. So I'm not keen to start buying more tickets for gigs that may or may not happen on the currently advertised date.  Apart from anything else, I don't want to end up finding that I've got tickets for more than one gig on the same date.


The band that was top of my "must see" list for GM2020 Lankum are playing a live show entitled "A National Disgrace" at the Abbey Theatre Dublin on Saturday 9pm to be broadcast online. (

I have it on good authority that it will be fuckin' awesome. See y'all there! ?

well, as it seems like we might actually be ABLE to fill the void again soon(ish)...

alex rex is touring in october

and there are so many support acts it's like a mini-festival!

Victor Herrero, Boss Morris, We Are Muffy, Elle Osborne, Green Seagull, Claire Welford (Yakka Doon) & Ashtray Navigations


we are muffy being on the bill probably represents the first time that alex will have shared the stage with an ex-member of duran duran

but maybe i'm wrong and he drummed for the power station for a bit

great new single from the goon sax released about 15 minutes ago:

unsurprisingly, it is very go-betweens

they're at EOTR - let's hope GM too

otherwise a few UK dates:

01/09/21 - Hare & Hounds Kings Heath, Birmingham
02-05/09/21 - End Of The Road Festival
06/09/21 - MOTH CLUB, London
07/09/21 - Pink Room, YES, Manchester
08/09/21 - Mono Cafe Bar, Glasgow

I like the goon sax

surprised you do mr ray

thought they'd be too twee for you

though this one sounds darker than their previous stuff

doesn't half look like his dad

Really like that,would not have described them as twee---unless their other material is a lot different.Just another one to add to a long list of want to sees at EOTR.

First gig since The Murder Capital Feb 2020 next week,off to watch Ist Ist and Grave Diggers Union at Manchester Academy---socially distanced and seated--going to feel strange being amongst people after spending over a year in our very quiet village/town.

i know what you mean

i'm due to get on a train for the first time in over a year next tuesday

and that's freaking me out

can't quite imagine a gig yet

Not sure I could go on a bus or tram when we are in Manchester next week,I think it would stress me out.The gig bothers me less because they are a small band in a large venue so everyone has their own seated space spread apart.

ah, right

yeah - that sounds like the way to ease back in!

i'm seeing the staves like that in july - assuming it doesn't get postponed for a third time


When going to gigs we would worry that our daughter would be ok,when she was older we would worry our house would be ok,when she left home we would worry that the cats would be ok and now since turning the garden into an allotment during lockdown I worry going to our first gig this weekend that the vegetables will be ok---a gig going life is a stressful one.


and presumably your daughter now worries that you will be ok at the gig!






I think I am going to be quite emotional when I get to break my gig-famine.

I have tickets for The Delines and also for Drive by Truckers in 2022 but I really hope I get to a gig before then.

Our vaccine program over here is a bit behind yourselves so we are watching your lowering of restrictions with hope and interest. 

Thanks Slugger,I have to admit I am concerned at going to a gig this weekend,we are taking sandwiches and pot noodles and rum so we don't have to eat out and will drink in the hotel unless it is warm enough to sit outside.Do you have tickets for Green Man this year?



Pot noodle and rum sounds like a perfect meal!

We carried our tickets over from last year. Just waiting and hoping now. Seeing how things pan out. 

My enforced 18-month-long void is set to finally be filled by a bona fide gig taking place next month. I've booked tickets to see Teenage Fanclub play a socially distanced gig in Cardiff on August 8. It's a Sunday evening seated event, with tickets sold in pairs, and table service provided for drinks. I can't help thinking the unusual setup brought on by circumstances makes for a perfect Sunday evening gig. I'm just happy to have the opportunity to hear live music again, and The Fannies might just be the perfect band to ease myself back into going to gigs again. 

Have a good night,we never went to ours in the end.Green Man will be our first gigs though I have started booking for the autumn.

Got tickets for O Sees (is that how they're spelling it now?) and my beloved Field Music in September/October but unless things change hugely for the better I'm not risking being in an airless sweaty room with a bunch of people. 

pete astor at the lexington

tables - and table service only - no going to the bar

we kept masks on except for taking swigs of a drink

30 people in the room - about half masked up while sitting

everyone masked when arriving and going back and forth from tables to loos

air-con on all the time (which didn't go too well with the solo, acoustic performance - but hey)

felt very safe

to be fair, it was a crowd of pretty much entirely 50 and above - so everyone would have been double-vaxed

and 'lairy' was not an adjective i'd have applied to any of us

so it was a gentle easing back into the business of being out

and - unsurprisingly - i fucking loved every second of it

the staves next week - in a considerably bigger venue - but still socially distanced and table service

so we'll see how that goes

Surreal to be at an actual festival with real people sans masks in a field being lovely. Many highlights, but just an appetizer for the main event....

The farm shop up the road from me have been putting on musicians for the last few weeks in collaboration with Roman Candle Promotions who put on all the good stuff in Chester. They've just added John Murry to the line up tomorrow night so I think I'll head along - it'll be the first live music I've seen in 18 months. The shows are outdoor, the weather is looking good and it's free so there's no excuse to miss it really.

If anyone is interested it's at Hawarden Estate Farm Shop tomorrow (Friday) night.

Did anyone see Broadside Hacks at Green Man? The have a date in Cardiff next weekend and weighing up whether to go. 

missed the beginning - but saw most of it

i thought they were pretty great - if a little ramshackle

there's certainly a lot of them!

it's all traditional songs - both british and north american - but you probably know that!

Somehow passed me by when I was doing my pre-Green Man delving, but it does sound intriguing. Suspect the touring band might be a little slimmer, but not short on some decent voices in there. 

i just booked for the london show next week

according to their bandcamp: "The current Broadside Hacks touring band consists of Katy J Pearson, Naima Bock, Maudlin, Oscar Browne and more special guests from 'Songs Without Authors' to be announced."

let us know after saturday how it was!

Unfortunately I'm not able to make it tonight after all, so will have to leave it to you to let me know how great the London show was and what a treat I missed, again!

broadside hacks were great in london last night

sadly, katy j pearson wasn't there

not sure why - they mentioned her absence - but no reason given

so much else to enjoy, though, that it really didn't matter

i thought it worked way better in a church than it did at GM (and i thoroughly enjoyed them at GM)

the acoustics and atmosphere far better suited to what they do

great support too from junior brother and thyrsis

not sure how often i'd listen to junior brother at home - but his impenetrable kerry accent worked wonders live

particularly on the triumphantly inapproriate 'hungover at mass'

and thyrsis's dominic baum has the most remarkable soprano voice

a fantastic evening all round

yes - sorry

that wasn't meant to be rubbing it in!

i'm sure they'll do this again - so there'll be more chances to see them

The Coral are doing a 20th anniversary tour of their debut album next year,would love to see them at GM on that tour.

Pavement would be a great headliner for the 20th anniversary and I'd be more than happy to see The Coral there too. Have they never played Green Man? I think US acts were missed this year, though that was inevitabl in the circumstances. Just hope that's not the case again next year. I'd love to see Sufjan Stevens and (finally) Beck there too, and a welcome return for Patti Smith. That might all be for another thread mind. With early birds going on sale next week my thoughts are turning towards next year. 

The Coral would be a fantastic addition to the lineup- clearly a band who'd go down well at GM. Amazing they've never played, really.

A big surprise,waiting to see who are announced for the other dates on the 2nd weekend before deciding.Be good to see thousands of Strokes fans descending on very upmarket leafy Lytham.