Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Bit light on the gigs front at the moment,next show is The Murder Capital at Manc Academy in Feb.My easily favourite album of last year and everyone telling me they are special live---high expectations.

I'd love to see them there in August but they've been on a pretty insane touring schedule since last summer and continuing until July at least. I wonder if they can keep it up much longer than that.

Michael Head was ace last night at Gorilla. 

He was visibly nervous when he came on stage but there was so much love for him in the crowd, he relaxed and delivered a blinding set.

Well worth a three hour round-trip in pea-souper fog on shitty motorways. 

I was 17 when Pacific Street was released. As a callow grammar school boy it had quite the effect on me and I still 'go back there' with a listen every now and again.

Now, all we need is Durutti Column to play at GM this year...

ryley walker in tip-top form at cafe OTO last night

any worries that his recent sobriety might have curbed his manic energy and caustic wit were swiftly dispelled

riffs on incontinence, living with his parents and steve hackett going home on the tube with his dick in his hand were interspersed, as ever, by music of extraordinary loveliness

he's surely due a return to glanusk

I'd love him to play GM again.

There were no gigs nearby this tour.

Next up for me is Damien Jurado in London on 21st. Celebrating Mr Mc's birthday in style.

I'll look out for you and Mr Mc at that. Looking forward to it immensely. The venue is around the corner from my office. I've been in it for lots of work pow-wows but never anything enjoyable.

I've a good gig-going February with Lisa O'Neill, Strand of Oaks, and The Murder Capital to look forward to prior to DJ.


Field Music at Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

Beautiful venue that's barely ever been used for gigs before, to my knowledge. Perhaps related to the fact the cavernous shape did some weird things to the sound (so echoey you couldn't make out what they were saying between songs).

Apart from the sound weirdness (which didn't spoil it at all, tbh) they were absolutely fantastic. Played the whole of the new album start to finish without a moment to pause and had educational visuals addressing what each song was about. Then finished with 4 or 5 old favourites. Definitely see them on tour later this month if you can. And Walter, please get them in the far out tent again this year.

Got a busy May planned already and I've just noticed that The Handsome Family are playing at St Philips in Manchester on the 12th. I'm tempted because that seems like a great venue choice for them. They have a few UK dates around the same time too. 

About time he did! I reckon his latest album is the best thing he's done. Been a huge fan since first hearing 'The Last time I Did Acid I Went Insane'.

He played GM a few years back but well due another slot.

Trying to find tickets for Scout Niblett in Manchester in May currently.

Scout Niblett would be smashing in the Walled Garden. Can't remember her doing GM but would be amazed if she hadn't.

I saw she had a couple of gigs coming, but last time she did a few dates there was no new material. I just presumed she was funding a trip. Any indication of new stuff this year? I mean, she still has my vote for a GM appearance, I just doubt one will be forthcoming without new music. She could set up shop for astrology reading though eh. 

Jeff Lewis also played at Baskerville, the year Bonnie Prince Billy did superwolf. Lewis premiered his Will Oldham Williamsberg Blues song in honour. 

The comics! Thank you Ray, the penny finally drops. Rather embarrassingly, I was actually there in 2014 and saw JL in the walled garden (I needed your reminder about the comics to remember it). I'm blaming small children and sleep deprivation.

he stood on a chair and held them up - hopeless!

can't remember which series it was

history of NYC punk?  history of communism?  history of the fall?

i do remember it being the most packed i'd ever seen the walled garden up to that point

i did!

and he did a complete history of communism, chapter 6 - the story of vietnam

can share the mp3 files if anyone's interested

I would be interested in the mp3 files!

Last night he did another chapter from the complete history of communism on the Cuban missile crisis. And also a fantastic cover of Danger! High Voltage

I grabbed a ticket to see Tim Burgess at Clwb on his solo tour, but could be a good call to play Green Man too perhaps? I’ve not heard any of his solo stuff, but last album was written and recorded with Kurt Wagner, and he’s gathered an interesting group of people together for his forthcoming album and tour, Daniel O’Sullivan (Grumbling Fur), ThighPaulSandra and Peter Broderick. The album is coming out on Bella Union too, a label that is generally well represented at Green Man.

Gill Landry was excellent in Chester on Saturday night, the nigh-on two hours he played for flew by and I could have happily listened for longer. He came across as a nice guy afterwards too.

He's got three more UK dates, Glasgow tonight then Liverpool tomorrow and finally London the day after that. I'm tempted to pick up a ticket for Liverpool.

Was also at this.  100% agreement with what you say.  And he was only contracted to play for an hour.  My first visit to Chester and to St Mary's. Really great venue, atmosphere and acoustics superb. I'd be going there a lot more often if I didn't live 3 hours away.

The gigs in St Mary's have been a welcome boost in Chester. The city centre is well stocked with bars for the race crowds but not so much in the way of music. Telford's and Alexander's are the other two long-standing music venues but both are pubs as well as a venue, it's nice to have a dedicated music space.

Damien Jurado for us.

Travelling down from the northwest to see him.

This will be the fifth time we've attempted to see him. 

Illness, (his and ours) and the arrival of a Spanish exchange student have previously prevented this.

Still time for something to go wrong though.

At the Roundhouse last night. 2 1\2 hours, which was perhaps a bit long but allowed the set to develop, must be tricky doing short festival sets for some bands. A good evening out with Mr.s Smithers who loves them

That sounds fab smithers .. I do like a long set. One of the things I love most about NOS Primavera festival is the full sets - I've seen bands play up to 2 1/2 hours there too.

I had the mellow company of Damien Jurado and it was sublime. I hope you made it there Elizabeth. No need to worry about missing his previous shows at this one trumped them all. He's so relaxed and confident currently - there was more audience nteraction last night than in all the others I've seen put together.

What an utterly gorgeous gig that was, Peridot.

Damien was on really good form, I thought his voice was incredible. 

Lovely setting too.

"How are your shoes?"  


My shoes are great .. how are yours :)

The shoe thing reminded me of the time at Green Man when he had to go barefoot because he couldn't find big enough boots to cope with the mud (think it might have been 2012)

My office is beside the venue and we use it for all staff meetings so I'm more used to having to sit there listening to irritating bullshit .. I was delighted to experience it being used for much better things.

I've not aware that there have ever been gigs there before but I hope it becomes a more regular thing. 



A few artists are live streaming gigs from their homes. 

I joined Instagram especially to watch Kevin Morby and Katie Crutchfield on Thursday. Georgia Ruth was supposed to be playing last night but whilst I found her Instagram page I couldn't find the "gig". 

Matthew Frederick (Climbing Trees) is playing live online tonight (Facebook) to replace his postponed album launch gig. Lots of artists are being hit badly so although it's nowhere near as good as the real thing it's good to throw a few quid in via paypal for an online gig. 

Union Chapel dates rearranged for 1/2 February 2021 on his website. Likely to be my next gig I reckon...

I'm hoping for WH Lung in November and Focus Wales in October but more likely Rockaway Beach in January will be our next gig.