Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Aww what a fantastic space!

Jason Lytle gig was incredible and the sound was amazing.

As Jed and BPH mention, part of its charm is the makeshift bar and facilities. It's a functioning community place of worship with a really positive, welcoming atmosphere... even to heathens like myself.

gospelbeach are back in the uk in february

only the london show seems to be official so far - 26th at the moth club

but no doubt other uk shows will accompany it

if you haven't heard it, their new record, 'let it burn', came out last week

and nails that 70s tom petty FM sound:

killer solo from the late, great neal casal at the end of this one...

uk tour in may

2 nights at EartH (the theatre) in london - not sure about the rest of the country

solo euro tour in feb

looks like the only two UK shows are glasgow and london

on sale friday

so nick cave just announced two (two! count 'em!) nights at the O2 for next year

think that almost certainly puts him out of GM affordability territory

he's come a long way since i first saw him at surbiton assembly rooms...

Good to catch-up with Born in the 50s at Sŵn Festival this evening. He even managed to persuade me join him down the front to see The Murder Capital. After that experience I’m now wholeheartedly backing his request that they play Green Man next year. 

UK tour in january / february

glasgow, york, gateshead, winchester, bristol, witney (?), st david's, coventry, whistable, london

not loving the new record quite as much as the last - but probably just need to play it more

alex rex is support on at least a couple of the dates - coventy and whitstable - and hopefully more...

alex just confirmed that he's doing london as well

that's a must see show for me now

also, in a bizarre (but very welcome) reversal of normal service, london seems to be cheaper than all the other dates!

Sunn O))) at the Roundhouse last night. Apocalyptic doom/sludge metal, very loud. An experience I enjoyed but not sure I would repeat. Support fron Anna Von Hausswolf.

how was AVH?

i was gutted that finances kept me from that show

not that fussed about sun o))) - but really wanted to see AVH again

2013 in the walled garden - middle of the afternoon

that was the first time i saw her

seen her play many times since

getting weirder, doomier and more avantgarde every time!

ulrik ording is indeed a cracking drummer

well, yeah

'van morrison grumpy wanker shock!' not likely to splash on any front pages

Haha, just read that. A friend told me he was plannig to do something similar to Cave's Red Hand Files, see that working out well.

Manchester Academy 2 , Nov 30

i liked her significantly more than I thought I would and am looking forward to it

Love 4 of those - probably all in my top 10 (titanic rising, all mirrors, grey area, Schlagenheim) 

like a lot of the Fontaines DC, Comet is Coming and Ex Re albums

was just listening to Vanishing Twin's album this morning - sounding very good on first listen. Very similar to Stereolab/Broadcast. 

Still need to check out Reward.

Pretty sure I won't like the Sleaford Mods album but haven't listened.  

actually, it's down to one

i'd mixed up fonatines dc with the murder capital

i hear you on vanishing twin

but it just seems like a very pale impersonation of those comparisons - dullsville

Yeah nothing appears to be as immediately interesting as either of those bands but i like the style of it enough to give it a few more listens. Magician's Success is my favourite at the moment for sure. 

three and a half for me

Weyes Blood (up there with Richard Dawson for album of the year), Cate le Bon and The Comet is coming and a half for Angel Olsen.

Fontaines DC do as much for me as Idles.

which isn't much

Richard Dawson's album is fantastic for sure. The lyrics to Two Halves are brilliant. He's surely got to be at Green Man next year. 

Gill Landry has added a bunch of UK dates in January and February next year including a Chester date which I am thrilled about - I was badgering all and sundry to book him last year when he was asking for more UK bookings. I'm guessing Roman Candle have booked him, though they haven't posted anything yet. They've done great work locally getting acts in to play including Rozi Plain for the independent venue thing next year.

I've just seen a post on Instagram regarding this. It is Roman Candle.

Don't know Gill Landry... pointers please.

Love the gigs at St Mary's.

He used to be in Old Crow Medicine Show if that means anything to you? I only started listening to his solo stuff which came later. I hate to use 'Americana' as a description but it probably fits, as would 'Country'. I'm a big fan of his last album called Love Rides a Dark Horse and he's just released a new song called I Love You Too which has a sort of Southern Gothic feel to it.

Just bought myself a ticket for this.  Never been to Chester before, let alone St Mary's, but am expecting a great evening.  Also The Murder Capital in Manchester the night before.

Saw Toby Hay the other night playing music from his new album, New Music for the 12 String Guitar, at a B&B in Bishop's Castle. About 30 people there. Beer straight from the barrel at £2 a pint and free cake. My kinda gig. Mesmerising, beautiful tunes from Toby who is hoping to be back helping out curating at the Hurly Burly during the settlement.

Great and enigmatic performance - she is a top performer. Had a sell-out crowd at Mcr Academy 2 (capacity 950, thanks Wikipedia) captivated from start to finish. No trouble with gig talkers here - no one other than those on stage breathed a word while they played. Lots of love for her in the room and righty so - quality night out for £15 plus fees...

Vetiver last night in Manchester at Yes.

 Andy Cabic and his acoustic and his songs with a couple of covers thrown in, simple pleasures, just what was needed.

It worked really well, he's got some lovely songs and a voice to go with them, helped by the room and the respectful audience, only about a 100 people.

Leant heavy on songs from To Find Me Gone, which i didn't mind as it's my favourite of his and did a couple of covers, the Bobby Charles song -I must be in a good place now which i'd seen them do live before and Gypsy by Suzanne Vega which i hadn't.

Enjoy the evening.

aces - thanks

very happy to hear that there's a big draw from 'to find me gone'

but i seem to have tickets 30 and 31 for london

which, considering i bought them this afternoon, is not looking good for turn out...

Went to see The National at the unwelcoming Motorpoint Arena Monday evening, my last gig of the year I suspect, and to be fair they were excellent. I haven’t paid too much attention to last couple of albums they’ve released, but they have quite a catalogue of work under their belt now, and it struck me they’d make a very good Mountain Stage headliner next year. Their previous appearance was the year before my first Green Man. 

Solo HGM was wonderful at the Hare & Hounds last Wednesday. Really engaging and the stripped down versions sounded bloody great. Support was from Olivia Chaney who I hadn't come across before and was really impressed by. She did a sublime version of Judee Sill's The Kiss

Solo HGM was wonderful at the Thekla Hare & Hounds last Saturday Wednesday. Really engaging and the stripped down versions sounded bloody great. Support was from Olivia Chaney who I hadn't come across before and was really impressed by. She did a sublime version of Judee Sill's The Kiss

krasny writes better reviews than me.  

Should also say that Olivia Chaney has worked with the Decemberists, under the name Offa Rex.  Should be worth checking out although I failed to buy a cd on the night.

Mr Mc's birthday pressie secured...

Two tickets for SKM in Bangor, N Ireland.

How I love these inclusive gifts.

Heading down to Bognor tomorrow for Rockaway Beach Festival---always a great weekend and incredible value for money.John Cale,Jesus and Mary Chain,Fontaine's DC,Pete Perrett,Life,Self Esteem,Wedding Present,Penelope Isles and many more at £100 to include 3 nights in a hotel.

Michael Head, Manchester, later in Jan... a birthday pressie from our lovely friends to Mr Mc.

Damien Jurado in London and Sun Kil Moon in Bangor, NI.

just booked for Feb  21, gorilla manchester. Extra night cos the 22nd sold out. God bless 'im