Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Pharis & Jason Romero on Tuesday 21st May at The Art Shop & Chapel, Abergavenny. Country blues, harmony. Influenced by The Band, Levon Helm. Haven't been to a less than brilliant gig yet at this venue.

Got my ticket for Pharis and Jason Romero.  It was a real privilege to see Richie and Rosie last month and just know that whoever is goin* to be booked to appear will be something special.  Just wish Tom Waits would return their phone calls and come over to play at the chapel.

Got tickets to see Pharis and Jason Romero at Hangfire Smokehouse in Barry on Sunday 19 May. Always a good session there, and onlyb10 minutes walk from my house. Gwenifer Raymond at Moon Club in Cardiff the following evening. 

A few Mclusky* dates have been announced for July, including a Manchester date. I wore out my copy of Mclusky Do Dallas years ago - always a fun band to watch.

Went to see The Beths last night at the Hare & Hounds in Brum. It was a cracking gig. After initially selling out the smaller room the show was upgraded to the main room and that also sold out (no mean feat for a midweek gig at the Hare). Not sure where they're going to be on the bill at Green Man but it was absolutely rammed last night. 

If you get the chance to see them on this tour,  definitely go, I doubt they'll be playing venues this small for much longer. 

yay, managed to get returned tickets for the Beth’s on FridAY.  Arrived yesterday, face vale cost (with modest admin charge by See Tickets).

So pleased I managed to get tickets for the Beth’s at Bristol.  One amazing band, way better than my expectations (the album is good but no indication of how good live).  Not surprised it was sold out as they seem to have a huge following building up.  Oh, and the support were pretty good as well, Hans Pucket also from NZ, another band to look out for.


william tyler has some shows between GM and EOTR

london, brighton, york, manchester

not sure if that means he might get added to GM - or is warming up for EOTR

but he was fantastic a couple of weeks ago in london - definitely worth catching if you have the chance

Saw Better Oblivion Community Centre in Bristol on Friday.  Fantastic (apart from (I guess) students shouting out in the crowd - one dickhead early on shouting ‘take your top off Phoebe’).  

Regret tha5 I missed Phoebe in the walled garden last year, she is just perfect as songwriter, musician singer and (as a performer) couterfoil to Conor Obersts onstage exhuberancE. Great performance and hoping they appear in the third announcement.

Her solo album has been my favourite of the last couple of years. Would love to see her back, would also love to see Julien Baker or better still boygenius.

plays one uk date - at the hammersmith apollo - in feb next year


Jason Lytle and Malojian at St Philips in Salford last night was absolutely fantastic. 

Jason played solo, piano or guitar, all my favourite Granddaddy tunes.

Pretty emotional, I can tell you.

It was really something wasn't it? I went expecting it to be a nice, relaxed night but it was unreal - the atmosphere seemed to give Jason the confidence to try a few different things too which was great. Impressed with Malojian as well.

Yes Jed.

It has gone straight into my top 10 ever gigs.

It was that good. 

Saw them on Tuesday. You won’t see better harmonies, guitar and banjo playing anywhere. Recommend them next time they’re over here.

They were pretty good and i would also recommend seeing them. Jason Romero also makes banjos, bizarely, there was someone in the audience wearing a Romero's Banjos t-shirt.

Allah- las are playing Gorilla in Manchester on the 28th September--cannot find any details on other dates.

yeah, saw that a few days ago

weird that it's the only show...

i wonder if they have a support slot on someone else's tour that they can't talk about yet - but have that one headline show they're ok to publicise

or they have the soundtrack to that surfer film coming out - 'self discovery for social survival'

maybe they're doing a one-off live score thing?


in other news, ezra furman was insanely good at his one-off sweaty-back-room-of-a-pub show at the shacklewell arms last night

(and boundless thanks to peridot for hipping me to that before it sold out in about a half hour)

everything crossed that he's in the next announcement, now that APE is out of the way

Couple of Ezra Furman dates in November announced today, including Bristol, for which I’ll be purchasing my tickets this evening I hope. Does that reduce the likelihood of his being added to the Green Man though I wonder? Glad I got to see him in some tiny venues around the time Day of the Dog was released, as since then the venues he’s been playing have been growing steadily larger. Pleased to see him enjoying that success though. Sounds like he’s gone for a more direct approach with this new record, which is no bad thing. 

ezra currently has no shows booked between 28th july and 5th sept

which leaves a nice august shaped hole in his calendar...

dubious, though, with his headline set at deer shed

might mean no other UK festival dates

four shows in the UK in november, btw - glasgow, manchester, bristol, london

supposedly on-sale friday

but all four seem to be on pre-sale via his website now:

And could mean that he can't be announced until Deer Shed has sold out (being optimistic here, and I've done my bit by buying a ticket).  Also got my ticket for Bristol, which is quite a bit further than London for me, but O2 Bristol is an infinitely better place for music than O2 Kentish Town.

He was incredible in Sheffield last week - would dearly love to see him appear on the GM line-up. Will definitely do Bristol in November and hopefully London too.

Off for some void-filling at Primavera Porto today - looks line being another damp one - good prep for the main event.

Just got chance to watch this back at the weekend - magic. I love the little pat on the back he gives himself for 'The Warming Sun'. It's made me realise how lucky we were to hear it live after Jason explained why he'd never played it.

It was a privilege to be there, Jed.

Cried like a baby during that song... it was perfect.

I got the impression from his comments on social media afterwards that the Salford gig had been as significant for him as it was for us.

An interesting piece, Nathan.

I have been listening to the album as it has been released, a side at a time.

It will come as no surprise to my mates on here that I love it - it's a wonderful collection of songs.


Although it would appear that the selfish fecker has forgotten to include Ireland in his plans. 

I'm generally a loving and forgiving sort so if he could manage a little trip to Crickhowell mid-August, all will be excused. 

I went to see Nick Cave at the Wales Millennium Centre last night. Part solo concert, part therapy session, but a pleasure to share such an intimate evening in his company. Now if he could just bring The Bad Seeds along for a show in Wales some time. Probably out of Green Man’s price range now, but I’ll still put that top of my 2020 wish list. 

The top of my list too, Wakestock.

I've seen him a few time over the years and the visceral, dangerous rock and roll energy he exudes on stage is incredible.

Love him.

Off to Liverpool this weekend for the Africa Oye festival. Been for the last few years and it's always a nice, chilled vibe. Weather is looking good too so should be a good one.

Friday night at Cloudspotting Festival in gods country. 

Jeffrey Lewis and Bill Ryder Jones on the menu before work Saturday Morning at 10.00am.

Sometimes you have to do these things.