Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Would love to see them in the tent Jed, yet to play in my neck of the woods

Edited to add - Local promoter just announced Pigs gig in April, happy days.

They've just announced another date close to us in April too - can's get enough of the pigs at the moment.

House move tomorrow,the house in Hebden Bridge fell through so moving to Presteigne on the Welsh border---moving into a holiday let  and praying that solicitors can get all the searches paperwork done before christmas.A bit remote so less gigs and will have to look at gigs in Bristol and Cardiff instead of Manchester.

Good luck, BPH.

How convenient for GM.... practically a home fixture for you now!

Thanks Elizabeth,nice short journey to GM but looks like several 90s dance jaunts up north-----Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers in Manchester and it looks like it will be Kraftwerk at Blue Dot Festival.

a friend has just succeeded in dragging me to see chk chk chk tonight in manchester

and on Friday night I’m going to the Ruby Lounge to see Findlay. Whose singer is my best friends daughter.

oldest swinger in town this week


just finished a run of seven shows in ten days

i am the shell of a once sprightly man

on the up side, i did get to see damien jurado, grant-lee phillips, jessica pratt, new order (under duress - but they did finish with a run of joy division songs), cowboy junkies, psychic tv and teenage fanclub

the last two particularly poignant

as gen has leukemia, so unlikley to make the trip to the uk again

and gerry love's departure from TFC means each of his songs was the last time it'll be performed

a lot of love for both of them in their respective rooms...

Pardans from Denmark last Sunday at a local venue. Great stuff, postpunk, slightly jazzy (not usually my thing). In Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Cardiff this week for those in the locality

Ryley Walker at Band on the Wall in Manchester last Thursday... he was immense.

Brian Sulpizo's wonderful guitar, Andrew Scott Young's majestic bass and two drummers!

Incredible stuff.

Had to have a word with a couple of gig-talkers though.

Had three nights in Bristol last week, Riley walker at the Fleece, Martin Stephenson at the TheKyla and Cast at the O2.

have to say the highlight, head and shoulders above the others was Riley Walker.  Absolutely fabulous performance with a great band.  He just gets better and better.  Surely only a matter of time before he gets the exposure he deserves, if only a slot on Jools Holland.

Real interaction with the crowd, highlight was a lady saying it was her birthday tomorrow and would he sing happy birthday for her which, of course he did.

happy he played until 11.20 although it was pretty late for a week night and a 6 Am wake up call the next morning.  Thank goodness the others had a 10 pm curfew.

ryley in london was a treat too

he declared that earlier he had shit his pants

which resulted in a gentleman from the crowd thowing an immodium tablet on stage for him

and the show finished with ryley smashing his 12 string acoustic to pieces

two things i have never seen happen at a gig before...

also, got to discover the fantastic andrew tuttle in support

who'd be a great walled garden act

Missed Andrew Tuttle unfortunately.

A two for one cocktail deal at a bar around the corner on Oldham Street delayed our arrival at the gig.

... and was the reason for my ill judged braveheart approach to the large male gig-talkers.

He finished with the best version of 'funny thing she said' I've ever heard and pitched up at the Castle for a beer afterwards.


Free to a good home... 

2 tickets for James Yorkston at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham, this Thursday 20th.

Sadly we can't make the gig but it would be a shame to waste the tickets.

A friend of mine does a Christmas compilation cd every year. On it this year is a track by Green Seagull, very 60's influenced pysch/garage. Derivative yes but rather lovely

Just catching up on things here and feeling rather gutted that I wasn't able to get to see Ryley this time around. Hopefully a festival somewhere will at least offer a consolation prize.

I did get to see an absoutely storming set from British Sea Power in Cardiff last weekend. I think we urgently need a new government to a) stop brexit, b) pass a law making it obligatory that every music festival has BSP and The Wave Pictures on the bill

Not every music festival, just ones I go to (i.e. Green Man)

Saw James Yorkston on customary great form at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in kings Heath just before Christmas.

A quiet January ahead, but given the bank balance isn't a bad thing.

February is certainly more busy with trips to see The Wave Pictures, Steve Mason, White Denim (supported by the superb BC Camplight), and Art Brut all in Manchester. Throw in a trip to Leeds to see The Orielles headline a mini-festival with a pretty decent support line up - and it's looking like a good month.

Rockaway Beach Festival in Bognor Regis this weekend----was the most enjoyable weekend i had at a festival last year.Looking forward to Algiers,Goat Girl,Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble,Desert Mountain TribeArt Brut,Luke Haines,Orielles,Squid,Gary Numan,Echo and the Bunneymen and many more.Such a well organized weekend with a great atmosphere and djs playing tracks you know and not massaging their egos.

          Then five gigs in five nights at the end of January,Massive Attack in Manchester,Ist Ist,Blinders and Pigsx7 in Hebden Bridge and then back to Manchester for Steve Mason----though might sell the Pigs tickets as their not really doing it for me.

Need a rest then--though i'm not sure if i can resist Liminanas tickets for Manchester or Bristol.

oops is what you write when you post something on the wrong thread, realise that, try to delete the post, but discover that all you can do is edit it because the forum software has been coded by vindictive monkeys locked in the wilful misbelief that it's still 2002


i was oopsing having accidently posted my excited request for the suddenly reformed bikini kill on this thread instead of the 'things for 2019' one

which may also seem an unlikely pick for me

but i love 'em

That's where I am with it as well.  Was hoping for an announcement to enthuse me, particularly some undercard stuff, but its a long way from that, way too thin.

If anyone wants to know, Steve Mason is promoting his album at various Rough Trade shops, with concert included for purchasers Of the new album.  It means that will be two concerts of his I will miss in as many months due to other commitment.



I will miss them because I will be away.  Second chapel event I will have missed, having another gig when the Lowest Pair made a return last year.

did see the Brother Brothers are also returning in March and will be booking my ticket.  Beautiful close harmonies including what I now consider to be my favourite version of ‘I will always love you’

So excited for tonight Mezzanine blew me away on a first listen 21 years and still sounds f**king perfect playing it in the car on the way to Manchester today.Interested to here their VU,Cure,Ultravox covers tonight.Also,I know they are an acquired taste but will treat myself to These New Puritan tickets today.


I'll jump on the Charlatans Appreciation bus! Always thought they'd be a great Thursday night headliner.

"Us and Us only" is a stone wall Dylanesque classic!!

Looks like better community oblivio centre are just playing two dates in uk, Bristol and London.  Tickets on sale tomorrow or Saturday depending on your ticket source.