Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

yeah - i'd love to see the show

and i know he has legal bills to pay

but 60 quid for the decent seats was just beyond what felt worth it

I hadn't noticed the pre-sale but yep, more than I'm prepared to pay too.

I appreciate he may be a bit brassic following his legal tribulations, but aren't we all these days?

Pleased to say that top seats at the wonderful Sage were 'only' £49 which includes free Metro travel and represents a considerable saving on his last tour when we had to travel to, and stay in, Edinburgh.  


Just that feeling every time that this might be the last chance to see the bloke whose 'Flat, Baroque and Berserk' was the first album I bought and whose 1970 Newcastle City Hall gig was my first concert.

Really looking forward to Blue Dot Festival next week,first time camping for a while after stating we would never camp again but needed a test to see if we are prepared to camp at EOTR.Just need to buy some ear protectors to block out the possibility of hearing any Future Islands.

Off down the M4 to Bristol tomorrow for my last gig before Green Man - Steve Earle & The Dukes. Hopefully will keep me going until the slightly longer trip down the M4 in a month or so.

never really appealed to me. Maybe in part cos its too close to home (less than ten miles), but also the musical lineup has never appealled. and looking at this year is no different. Anything on there that really excites?

I love my folk.indie,americana but i am also a big electro fan and the Sunday line up of Warm Digits,vessels,Boy Azooga,The Orb,Snapped Ankles and headlined by one of the best live bands Chemical brothers nails it for me.But also love Plastic Mermaids,AK/DK,Gymnast,Hookworms and many more.Abit sad the folk stage has turned into a world music stage.Its a very middle class festival but is as brilliantly organized as Green Man with lots of interesting non music entertainment.Loved the first two years and its a rarity for a uk festival but wish it was a little cooler----but a chance to party before chilling in the walled garden next month.No chairs allowed in arena---which is a plus for me but may put others off.

was waiting to like something, anything in your list of bluedot attractions, getting increasingly worried that I wouldn’t find anything. But boom, there it is! any festival that bans chairs in certain places after certain times gets my vote. 

green man does ‘ban“ chairs in between the two sets of stairs on the slope and in front of stage.  Sadly this is a polite ask rather than an enforced ban.  Cannot remember if there is a ‘ban’ on pushchairs etc under the perimeter of the far out tent but they do cause the biggest problem.  Could be plenty of space inside but it can be a real struggle to get past.

than trip over a group of fuckers in fucking camping chairs or any parked-up buggy. Nlo place in a crowded area after dark

Bluedot number 3 was wonderful and Bluedot 4 already booked.Fiest time camping at a festival for a while and 4 nights of sleep in quiet camping made for a less exhausting festival.Maybe to electro for peoples tastes on this forum but Chemical Brothers was an amazing show and Flaming Lips very entertaining.Raved into the night with AK/DK and danced our legs sore with Snapped Ankles.New discovery to me was Tomorrow We Sail--like a folkier version of Godspeed you Black Emperor,beautiful traditional folk building to sonic crescendos.Missed not having a real cider bar but we will make uo for that in a few weeks time.Future Islands had the smallest crowd and the people camped around us said they were terrible.

Sounds lovely BPH. Glad the camping worked out okay. I'll check out Tomorrow We Sail.

I'm off to explore my twee side at Indietracks this weekend, will report back with any relevant info. if I don't get washed away in tomorrow's thunderstorms.

How bizarre. 

I note that Heath Ledger, her ex husband, was awarded an Oscar "post humorously".


just came here to deliver the same news

loving this track - and wishing more of this kind of thing were playing at GM this year...

the deep throat choir and simian mobile disco.

i approve - imagine it could be quite uplifting live, in the big tent.

As I immolate the pushchairs and chainsaw the camping chairs

On majestic form last night at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Because the Night, Pissing in the River, Redondo Beach and a storming Gloria. A beautiful Hard Rains a Gonna Fall and a song she had written that afternoon after visiting Kings College Chapel and seeing the Adoration of the Magi by Rubens about the Three Kings, which morphed into We Three Kings at the end, in mid August, perfect. Had a guest bar pass but just missed meeting her by seconds, will remedy that in a couple of months. Songhoy Blues, Rosanne Cash also very good, off to see Darlingside this afternoon.

Sounds good Smithers,we had aless peaceful night with Idles at The Trades Club Hebden Bridge,up there with the best gigs ive seen in years,loud,bouncing and probably the hottest gig i have ever been to-dripping with sweat,clothing completely soaked but it was tremendous.Booked tickets there for British Sea Power in November.The Leisure Society are announcing a small venue tour soon.

I was about to say their not for chair sitters but then remembered we got there early to get a seat----though we did stand on it when the gig began.


people standing on chairs-now that would really piss Blancanvas off.

I can only hope.

the deliberate destruction of (or jumping up and down on) fixed seating at a venue gets a thumbs up from me. 

But cunts standing on pop up camping chairs at GM could make for good sport....

Sea Change in Totnes this weekend was the third and best yet of this growing festival, now with an additional outdoors stage at Dartington. Never got to so much in 2 days.

Friday:Billy Bragg talking skiffle, Red River Dialect, Hilang Child, Penelope Isles, Hatis Noit (just wow!), Raf Rundell, Lost Horizons, Jane Weaver with Immix Ensemble playing recent album in an atmospheric church in the gloom - very special. Then off to Dartington for Bo Ningen with Damo Suzuki - controlled violence just blew me away, finishing with a couple of hours of Mr Weatherall.  

Saturday starts well with Bryde (wonderful solo set made all the better for stopping mid song and getting a talking at the front cunt to to shut the fuck up), James Heather, Hater, Group Listening (great to be part of a full church of admiring crowd - lovely stuff), Boy Azooga (full on party - so look much fun), Shirley Collins (an hour and a half of chat, readings and a good few songs - still over all too soon), Josh T Pearson (only playing old songs and I joined half the audience in shedding a tear or two in the most emotional performance of the weekend), Hookworms are just phenomenal, James Holden and Rival Consoles.

Shame to have missed several others including Snapped Ankles, Gwenno, Sweet Baboo and Surfing Magazines.

If you can manage back to back festivals, well worth a punt next year

Josh was in fine form, just him and Last of the Country Gentlemen, played in a church with no new songs.  First time I've seen him, will definitely look out for him again, he can really work the room.

Rival Consoles was spectacular, certainly takes you to other places and I was stone cold sober.

Yes, very good shout for Far Out or even late night in the Walled Garden

One of the best albums in last decade for me. Not so sure about his new stuff (saw him in Glasgow performing that) so it was a treat getting whole of Last of the Country Gentlemen.  He was mesmerising doing that at GM few years back.

Could only see Rival Consoles in Far Out. And nice to know they kicked it without requiring mind alteration :)

No band tonight, just MC Taylor and Phil Cook trading, played a fantastic set and a couple of new songs from the forthcoming album, Erin Rae in support who was also excellent.

Looks like your going to have glorious weather to enjoy a wonderful line up---was getting tickets this week but unfortunately we now cannot make it.Enjoy.