Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

You're right Wavedavey, a really well balanced set I thought. After a bit of research I see that Cunts.. is not a new song at all.

Inspired to get a ticket to see Ian McCulloch now in April. Another fine performer from that era (and area) who's burned all his bridges with previous bandmates and collaborators.

Petition might be the way forward:)


Great Support slot from Bo Ningen supporting The Fall tonight (or last night even). Would be great in Far Out ten, along with Cabbage, who I saw earlier this week, to fill that Fat White Family slot. 

does chris knox still play live?

it's a long fucking way from new zealand

but it would be good, eh?

any of those flying nun / dundin sound folks who still play would make my weekend

the clean / the chills / the bats / the verlaines

Another vote for Bo Ningen from me.


Seen them half a dozen or so times, always completely captivating.

Might scare a few of the more sensitive souls away, but a terrific noisy spectacle!

A simple announcement before Conor Oberst's show last night asked people not to use their mobile phones during the performance. I was therefore able to sit in the dark with a few hundred other like-minded individuals and enjoy an intimate show without having it simultaneously broadcast to me via lots of little handheld screens between me and the stage. 

Consequently (or maybe coincidentally) everyone (yes absolutely everyone!) listened in silence.  Bliss! No talkers. No cunts. 

The performance was fantastic as well. 

this year's meltdown curator is M.I.A.

a much more inspired choice than last year

but i don't suppose i'll be going to many of the shows

I do not know what is going on at the Southbank, but their contemporary music booking policy has become shockingly poor over the last couple of years.  The Barbican is now way ahead.  Which is a shame, as the RFH and QEH are great venues - have seen some amazing gigs at both over the years.

A nice bonus decemberboy, I'm really looking forward to seeing the fannies again in June.

I'll miss the 'forum frontline' at Strand of Oaks tonight. Won't be quite the walled garden experience but hopefully Tim's voice will be in better shape.

The new album is a belter. Here's a little live sample for anyone who hasn't caught up with it -


This is not This Heat at the Barbican last night, a fine and varied evening, solo bits from both founder members, a film and then an hour and a half long gig with various special guests, Thurston Moore etc.

Mrs decemberboy and I took a road trip to Newcastle to see Evan Dando at the weekend. I know he can split opinion but he's a musical hero of mine and, as it was his only UK gig this year on his 50th birthday I had to be there. He was in fine form and looked in good health.

I have a few lined up to fill the void over the next couple of months, and some beyond. Alasdair Roberts in Chapter Arts in a fortnight; Grandaddy in Bristol Colston Hall; Yorkston/Thorne/Khan in Big Top Cardiff; Laetitia Sadier; Pins; possibly Wales Goes Pop on Easter weekend, mostly for BC Camplight; rearranged Julian Cope gig; The Big Moon; Plastic Mermaids; Tinariwen; Unthanks performing the songs and poems of Molly Drake; Nightingales plus Mwstard; Riley Walker (though also tempted by Swans in Bristol same night); Melt Banana; Kraftwerk; Mavis Staples; then it's Green Man. Suspect I might see you at one or two of these Peridot?

An impressive line-up there Wakestock. I'll certainly be at one or two although I'm rationing myself at the moment with a view to blowing the gig budget on a ticket for the "other place" in September. There's a lot of weekend nights too, whereas midweek suits domestic arrangements better. 

I do feel a need to catch Plastic Mermaids based on your recommendations. 

Also realy looking forward to Samantha Crain in Brisol on 2 April.



The other place does look good this year. Shame they're so close together in the calendar as there's such an obvious crossover. Line-up and audience do seem pretty much interchangeable. I think Plastic Mermaids have something a bit special about them, and have high hopes for their debut. Hope they don't disappoint now! Thought they'd be a shoo-in for Green Man this year. 

i know a number of GM folks will have been heading to one of damien's upcoming shows

but it's just been announced that the whole european tour is cancelled:

“Dear all,
With great regret and deep sadness we have to cancel Damien Jurado’s European tour . Due to an urgent medical issue Damien is in no condition to travel or play the planned shows. We hope to know soon when and if we can reschedule, but at this time we cannot plan a replacing tour. Damien is super sad to let down his fans and was extremely looking forward to the concerts. Thanks for your understanding and please keep Damien in your prayers and thoughts".

Bad news ... and sounds pretty serious.

Hopefully he'll be back on the road again before too long.

I reckon the restorative powers of the Brecon Beacons would do him a lot of good in 2018.


Out of the blue, The Art Shop & Chapel, Abergavenny have American Folk, Roots, Bluegrass duo The Lowest Pair appearing at the beautiful Chapel on May 16th - got my ticket yesterday - hope it's well supported. If you like Gillian Welch kind of vibe, could be for you.

Yorkston Thorne Khan were simply magical at the Kitchen Garden Cafe t'other night. It's a really intimate little venue (holds about 75 at a push) and Suhal was about two feet from me sitting cross-legged on a table. Made up for not being able to see him at GM last year when they all had to go to the back of the stage because of the rain and wind. Chatted afterwards, apparently they'll be on at the Walled Garden this year (actually James said 'courtyard' but expect he meant WG) which will be simply heavenly.


Looking forward to seeing Yorkston Thorne Khan again next week, in a suitably cosy venue too. Meanwhile I'm off to see Grandaddy tomorrow, with Amber Arcades supporting, who I missed at Green Man last year. Anyone see her? Worth turning up early for?

Granddaddy were really good at the Colston Hall in Bristol last Friday.  Amber Arcades as support was pretty good too (an extra treat).

just got back from seeing Moonlandingz, an incredible experience but sadly a short set with no encore.  

The set from Grandaddy in Manchester was everything I was hoping for. We got (Jed's Other Poem) Beautiful Ground rather than Levitz and My Small Love which they had been playing, but they played those 2 songs at Green Man last year anyway. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Wasn't it fantastic Jedthehumanoid? 

I thought it was a brilliant performance, but then they go and play Jed's Other Poem and I'm in bits.

....and that was even before He's Simple, He's Dumb, which always has the capacity to make me sob like a child. 

On a funny note, in a ridiculous scene, two fellas just in front of me started squaring up to each other. They were both about the same age as me, so quite possibly grandaddies! 

There were a couple of annoying talkers where I was standing but they shut up after a few disapproving glances from other people around, I'm not sure what about that set could have made anyone want to fight though?!

Add So You'll Aim Towards The Sky to the songs we've already mentioned and there's some guaranteed tears.

Of course, how could I forget!

I think one of the geezers was filming on his phone, so some justification for getting arsey with him.

I hate watching a gig I've paid to be at through the screens of phones.

A sublime evening with Yorkston Thorne Khan in Cardiff's Big Top last night, as expected. Couldn't really have been more intimate. A bit like having them play in your front room with a few mates round, sat on a sofa in front of the stage. Noisy neighbours mind. Hope they are in the Walled Garden this year. 

James told me at the Birmingham gig that they were going to be in the 'courtyard' by which I assumed Walled Garden - it would be perfect for them, a closing set I'd imagine.

It was wonderful. Perfect venue for it, apart from the noisebleed from the basement where there was something rather more raucous on, but it didn't really impact while they were playing. The Laetitia Sadier gig on Sunday evening has been moved there now I see, and even better that's now set to finish at 9.30. Suits me on a Sunday! Though they are all playing Green Man, I am quite tempted to get over to Bristol to see Thee Oh Sees (nice bonus the Blind Shake will be supporting), Richard Dawson, and Aldous Harding. 

YTK in Exeter was fabulous on Saturday night. Just 50 or so in the room.... sublime.

For those wanting to revisit GM gems/deal with very likely clashes, can I again recommend: 

to see:  


and a few more to add including headliner.  2 1/2 day festival in Totnes, Devon for £55

.... not my festival, just keen to see this local (to me) festival succeed, last year was fabulous and some great venues too

uk tour is up

brighton, london, glasgow, york and manchester

plus a pre GM date in talgarth

they play GM on the saturday

tickets for london on DICE

Hmmm ... when Future Islands are playing Glanusk, Gospelbeach are the other side of the mountain.

What's that taxi number again :)


Scott Hirsch & Michael Chapman are touring together from 4th September.

Think I may go to The Grain Barge in Bristol, a new one for me.

Surely HGM is a possibility with Scott here just a few weeks after GM.

Off to my 2nd favourite festival of the year tomorrow (Kilkenny Roots) for the weekend. Pick of the bunch this year : Joan Shelley, The Handsome Family, Arborist and Peter Bruntnell. Hopefully a few "new discoveries" as well. 

Have a great one Slugger ... I'll have to get over for that one sometime.

I have to report that Mr Wakestock's ear is as sharply tuned as ever. Plastic Mermaids were mesmerising on Tuesday night in Cardiff. 

Crowded onto a tiny bar stage but with a sound that was more than capable of filling platforms named after mountains and pyramids.

A must-have for GM'18.


Really looking forward to watching them tonight at Hebden Bridge and purchased Psychedelic Furs tickets this morning--more for sentimental reasons as they were the first band i took my wife to see.