Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Glad you got one, I'm envious, would have great to be down there but just glad to have seen him. Really liked the setlist, just the two Berlin albums and the new stuff. Great, great band, Josh Homme in particular. One of my top five gigs I think.

Going to Blue Dot festival in July,a mixture of music and Jodrell Bank.Good line up--Caribou,Underworld,Steve Mason,Mercury Rev,British Sea Power,Public service broadcasting,Stealing Sheep,Moon Duo,Jean-Michel Jarre and many many more.Doing 10 festivals this year,retirement is good for having time to listen to everything to prepare and nearly every week brings a new announcement.

It does sound great, doesn't it BPH? Fantastic line-up.

It's just down the road from us, but unfortumately on the same weekend as our summer holiday starts....very disappointed!

Shame would have been good to see a friendly face---really surprised with the line up,location,ticket prices it has not sold out quickly,especially with only 5000 capacity.

Looks good bph ... hadn't heard of that before and will keep it in mind for future years.

Ten festivals is rather good going ... I'm hoping I can survive three!


No a redundancy payout and it is going to spent on what we enjoy doing,economies can start in a few years---though i have purchased a tent,sleeping bags and sleeping mat to keep within budgets.

At the Barbican last night. Andy Warhol short films with music provided by Tom Veraline, Eleanor Friedberger, Martin Rev and Dean Wareham. Bradford Cox from Deerhunter had to cancel but his music was still played. Each artist accompanied three short films. Worth the trip for 15 minutes of Marty's mutant disco/punk industrial noise. Fine way to spend a Monday night.

BPH - sounds like a fantastic start to retirement, have a fantastic summer.

Really good, did the last section with a three piece band who also supported Eleanor Friedberger. Slightly fuzzy, surfish guitar sounds. Enjoyed them all, Verlaine first with just him playing quite delicate, ethereal guitar sounds. Friedberger did songs with lyrics related to the films, one adapted from a scottish poet who went to New York in 60's, another adapted from a magazine article about a chilean sculptor who featured in one of the films. Marty did his thing as said, I'm sure there was a background sample of Tramps Disco Inferno at one point :) Bradford Cox was a recording of sounds rather than tunes. Only just over an hour long but well worth it.

How were Bats for Lashes?

sounds great

right up my alley

wareham has 'effortlessly cool' down in a way that the rest of us can only dream of

BFL were great

it suffered a little from the unfortunate proximity to seeing iggy on friday

tough to follow that

but the new stuff sounds great - 'close encounters' a stand out, about those familiar moments when your fiancee is killed on the way to your wedding so you wander off into the woods, see a green light and have sex with an alien instead

and nice rearrangements of older tunes

a slowed down, melancholy version of 'daniel' (always my least favourite BFL song - but now fab)

and a bleepier version of 'horse & i' from the first record

weird highlight was a cover of the carpenters' 'we've only just begun'

now, i have no time whatsoever for the cult of little miss have a fucking sandwich already - but this was truly magical

show was filmed too - so possibly an official release in the coming months

Mr ray that is so wrong ... but so funny :)


I like the new BFL single, very much looking forward to the album.

Did you wear a wedding dress to the Chapel?

very few people seemed to have got the memo about wedding attire - me included

of those who did, the women all looked great - lots of fascinators

but the men mostly looked like they'd just had to come straight from the office

never seen so many C&A suits at a gig before

C&A !!!

That's showing your age.

I do have a C&A suit in my wardrobe.

I like to think that I might slim back into it one day.

And in one respect look like I did on my wedding day :)


He was indeed.

Although not quite as good as the Thekla last year.

The shoutout to Big Jeff stuck on the balcony was really special.


Never going to be able to top that Thekla gig but still really enjoyed the Colston Hall show. Little more reigned in comparitively. Think he only leapt on the drum rider a couple of times instead of 10 or so. I've had a busy week with Meilyr Jones last Friday, then FJM, Brian Wilson and The Nightingales on consecutive nights. Next up Mothers on Sunday. Enjoying a nice rest this evening

Blimey Wakestock, you're approaching ray_rad levels of commitment and stamina there. Well done.

I had an empty diary leading up to NOS Primavera in early June until I noticed that my favourite support band of all time - Dancing Years- are undertaking a 'headline' tour on the back of their recent EP launch.

They're playing Gwdihw Cafe Bar next Thursday night, a venue that's new to me but looks like my type of place. £4 a ticket and cheap drinks too.

Other UK appearances are -

May 27 | Manchester | Dot To Dot Festival
May 28 | Bristol | Dot To Dot Festival
May 29 | Nottingham | Dot To Dot Festival
May 30 | London | Royal Albert Hall - Elgar Rooms W/Yael Naim

June 5 | Mannheim | Maifeld Derby Festival
June 10-12 | Wakefield | Long Division Festival
July 22-24 | North Yorkshire | Deershed Festival
July 22-24 | Barnsley | Underneath the Stars Festival
September 2-4 | Birmingham | Moseley Folk Festiva

Highly recommended.




Son of Dave at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester tonight,a competition prize,not a gig i would have paid for but always ready for a night out in the northern quarter.

I haven't heard any of it as yet but I remember thinking the list of contributors would make a terrific festival line-up.

I was planning on getting the vinyl version but it's not available until September so may plump for the CDs also.

I was thinking about getting the vinyl box set too, but likewise, seeing as it's not out until September I think I'll get the CD version. The vinyl also looks like it's going to set you back £110, though it is one hell of a package containing 10 LPs. Not done it by halves have they?

Mothers playing round the corrner at the Hare & Hounds tonight for only £6 but having lsitened to their latest album I think I'll stay home - that whiny voice sure does grate.

Off to Lunar Festival a week on Friday. Only 10 miles from Moseley and a very Green Man-esque line up in that most of the bands higher up the bill have been at Glanusk in the last year or two. Looking forward to Mercury Rev playing stuff off their new album and I missed a lot of Television last year at GM as I went to watch The Fall (on my brother's recommendation!). It's a cracking festival and there's room for it to grow too.

Been to the previous three Lunars but giving it a miss this year, it's got a big too pricey for us. The first year they dos it was ov a BH weekend which was good but it's a pain having to leave early Sunday evening 'cos kids at school the next day. Hope it stays dry for you this year!

Yeah there was quite a jump in ticket prices this year but we decided to go anyway as we gave it a miss last year.

The weather forecast at the moment is looking very good so even if that does change slightly I'm cautiously optimistic it won't be a washout.

Thanks Elizabeth, some lovely stuff there that I hadn't heard before.

Dancing Years were surperb in Cardiff last night and I think Gwdihw is my new favourite venue. Great atmosphere, great staff, great bar. 

Next up Primavera Porto, for which I'm stupidly excited.

Was at Red Rooster Festival this weekend. A lovely small festival, about 2000 I guess, sort of a southern US theme. Musical highlights were Tav Falco and the Panther Burns, describe themselves as 'southern gothic, pyschedelic country'. Daddy Long Legs, raucus punk country blues and the magnificent King Khan and the Shrines, truly a sight to behold. A fantastic set of pyschedelic soul/r&b. Various other bluesy/country things going on. Well worth the bargain price of £42 a ticket

He was, as I discovered via Wikipedia, very interesting bloke, Tav Falco. They are on at the Lexington on Wednesday if you're around.

Lunar was a good (and very hot) weekend overall but there's little things the festival can do to make it better. I didn't go last year but since 2014 the car park has been moved and it's now a very long walk to the campsite, longer than the walk from Orange at GM. It was very disorganised on Friday trying to get people onto the campsite as well. And whilst I appreciate that many festivals do search bags it seemed way over-the-top at Lunar and just caused already long queues to get longer. 

Musical highlights for me were Mercury Rev, Bill Ryder-Jones, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Ibibio Sound Machine. Also enjoyed Television and The Zombies. 



Been to all the previous Lunars but gave it a miss this year largely due to the hike in prices. Your news about the car park doesn't make me more inclined to think about going next year! The first year we were camping a matter of yards from the car. I kind of preferred it the first year when the biggest 'name' on the bill was the Gentle Good, food stalls and facilities were a bit limited but it was £39 for four nights!

On top of the ticket price increase they also now charge £10 on the gate to park your car too. I didn't go the very first year (didn't it rain for the whole weekend?) but even in 2014 the amotsphere seemed more relaxed and laid back. It's definitely growing in terms of attendance, bands booked and things to do.

Just had a great weekend, with Neil Young @ O2 on Saturday night and then Field Day on Sunday.  Highlight of Field Day for me was Shearwater, who were absolutely stunning.

Just now, looking at their FB site, I came across this dialogue :

"Will you be adding any more UK dates at all..?"

"Alas no, not this time. Pester your summer festivals to bring us next year! I still don't understand why Green Man hasn't offered. (JM)".

If anyone who has influence over next year's line-up is reading this, please feel severly pestered. Actually, please just make it happen. I'll even good as far a pretty please.

That's not too shabby a weekend at all.

I haven't paid Shearwater much attention in the past, it sounds like I should put that right.