Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I'll have to give one of those ATP bashes a go - sounds fantastic.

I am a little worried about Loop playing though - aren't they at risk of flattening those chalets?


Really looking forward to Loop[even if they are not the original line up] and there are alot of louder bands than Loop playing next week,there is always a noise element at Atps----not been to a Pontins before but if the reviews are half true i think Treefight for Sunlight might blow them over.

Only just discovered Yorkston Thorne Khan are playing at St John's church in Canton, Cardiff in Feb, and on a Saturday night, followed by Richard Hawley the next day. 2016 shaping up nicely with Money at Clwb, Bob Mould at The Globe, John Grant and Rufus Wainwright at the wmc in June, and a trip to Bristol for Father John Misty already lined up

Yorkston Thorne Khan you say ... I shall be having some of that thanks.

I have FJM booked up too. Pity it's not the Thekla again ... nothing against Colston Hall but it was really something special in the intimacy of the Thekla.

Also looking forward to Ought in Clwb on April 20.

By the way, if Dancing Years are still supporting Mr Hawley on next year's dates be sure to catch them too, although with material as good as this I'm hoping their days as as a support act are numbered ...


Yes, that FJM gig at Thekla was something else, but I don't think we'll get opportunity to see him anywhere quite that intimate again. St John's will be great venue to see YTK though. Saw Golden Fable there at Swn fest a couple of years back. Ought is also on my list. Should be a cracker. From Now On festival in Chapter in Feb also looks good. Julia Holter Iis playing on the Friday, and Meilyr Jones at some point on the weekend too. Also going to see Buzzcocks at the Tramshed's that weekend. Bit of nostalgia. Tempted to go see John Cooper Clark there as well. Thanks for the tip-off about Dancing Years. I thought Meilyr Jones was supporting on first leg of the Hawley tour? Might well be all change for second leg mind. 

Hawley had both Meilyr and Dancing Years in support at his Colston Hall gig. Given that Meilyr had Sweet Baboo and H Hawkline playing with him, I reckon I got reasonable value from that ticket purchase :)

I'll check out the From Now On line-up, thanks for that.

This month's highlight for me is sure to be Martin Stephenson in London on Wednesday - we really need to be seeing him back at Green Man next year.


I'll second that! 

Martin and the Daintees on Thursday night to open the festival???   Sweeeeeet! 

Yup, I predicted highlight of the month ... I never expected highlight of the year.

But it was indeed the most magical night of music 2015 has provided me.

I might have complained about the lack of material from this year's excellent Haunted Highway album were it not for the fact that their place was taken by lots of material from the early Daintees albums that sounded just as fresh and vibrant as the new stuff.

In reverie I saw a repeat as a Sunday night Walled garden headline slot (although Thursday night would be reet belta too)

El Cid (with Martin's daughter playing bass) were fantastic as support.


I've seen Trembling Bells a few times in the last couple of months and they're really on top form at the moment. Especially on SUnday night as part of Celtic Connections when they collaborated with Alasdair Roberts, Mike Heron, Judy Dyble and a whole host of others. Really like the direction of the last album.

While I'm here, there's so much greatness on the Celtic Connections programme over the next couple of weeks- could blow a massive budget on tickets for it all! Particularly looking forward to this, though... Is it weird that I'm more excited about Ryley Walker than anyone else on that lineup?

Oh, and Yorkston Thorne Khan were magnificent last night.

We've very similar tastes!  I was at the Trembling Bells show too.  And yes, very excited about that Bert Jansch tribute; Ryley Walker in particular.

Have to say I was a little disappointed by Trembling Bells though.  Really into that recent album but thought the show was a bit of a hotchpotch trying to accommodate too many guest singers and losing cohesion as a result.  But Alasdair Roberts can do no wrong in my eyes.

Favourite Celtic Connections show so far has been the Joni Mitchell Reimagined.  Some great interpretations and performances there which, because of copyright, might never be heard again.

Would have loved to have caught rhe Yorkston-Thorne-Khan tour but it came nowhere near. Have to be at Green Man then! The album's excellent.

Two tickets bought for Iggy et al at Royal Albert Hall in May.

Also booked for Red Rooster Festival in June, just down the road from us, only £45.00 for two and a half days of americana, blues, southern R&B etc. Last year's lineup looked good. This year they have the incomparable Bob Log the third.

Tickets secured for Ryley Walker, Richmond Fontaine, Lewis and Leigh, David Corley and Barna Howard all at the magnificent Kilkenny Roots festival.  Sweet! 

Looks good, a very ATP style line up.Mueran Humanos are one of my favourite gigs and albums of last year--very Liminanas.We do seem to get ripped off over here regards ticket prices compared to Europe.

Until recently I regularly went to Primavera in Barcelona, until the rising cost and punishing schedule finally became too much. This year they've excelled themselves line-up wise. Looks amazing. Porto might be missing a couple of acts that its big brother has, but by all accounts it's a lovely site, and small enough to be less gruelling to get around

Yes, it was the smaller size and more picturesque setting that attracted me. Barcelona has a bit more line-up wise but cound involve a lot of dashing around and painful clashes. I also understand that the beer prices are considerably cheaper at Porto ... a major consideration obviously.

Mueran Humanos are one of the unknowns for me so I will check them out bph ... thanks for the tip.

Ezra Furman at the Glee Club last night was nowt less than wonderful, check out his set at the 6 Music Festival.

But here's an annoying gig-goer to irk mr ray even more than the chatterers - the 'I'm gonna sing along to every fecking word at the top of my voice to show how utterlly devoted I am to the artist' man. Two of 'em behind me, totally immune to my lecturer look over the top of my specs. Grrr. At least there shouldn't be any of that nonsese at the Ryley Wakler-Danny Thompson gig on Friday. Just musos scribbling down the tunings in their notebooks.

Incidentally, my singing along with Sweet Baboo's 'Swimming Wild' at various GM sets does not come into the above category.

mrs ray's terse putdown to enthusiastic adjacent welshman front row at the albert hall a few years ago:

"we came to hear crosby, stills & nash, not crosby, stills & you"

It's a brilliant collaboration, oodles of mutual respect between them and you're torn between watching each sets of dancing fingers. Some fine sounding new songs but they did plenty off Primrose Green including the title track (straight into it without 10 minuste intro!), Summer Dress, On the Banks, Funny Thing she Said (possibly the highlight). Played for about an hour and a half including a two song encore. Bloody awesome! Get there early because Meg Baird of Espers is supporting! I didn't see anything about this beforehand so did my usual thing of turning up late and missing most of her set!

Thanks for the tip Krasnyi, will arrive early.

Funny thing she said is my favourite song, I am now officially beside myself with excitement.

K think I may have seen two of the best gigs of 2016 already - Ezra furman on Tuesday was an absolute blast. And Meilyr Jones coming up!

Still got both of those to come, though I did see Meilyr Jones last week as well. Disappointing crowd for Money in Clwb last night. Less than 50 (and that's including support and bar staff!) on a Saturday night leaves me wondering what kind of future they have

ryley walker and danny thompson in london on friday night pretty much blew my mind

as i said to mrs rad, that's as close as i'm going to get to seeing tim buckley

and i say that having often seen jeff buckley

as kras says above, you don't really know where to look

the two of them are equally mesmerising

and the interplay is borderline telepathic

we lucky londoners have it all to come again next monday

as for money pulling such a small crowd in cardiff, that's depressing to hear

peridot and i will be at least two in the london crowd tonight

hope there are more than 48 others in attendance

the new record is astonishingly good

and has been getting great press

perhaps the cardiff folk just fancied something more cheery to go with their binge drinking on a saturday evening

glad to hear you enjoyed it so much mr ray, I think that's going down as one of the most memorable gigs I've ever see.

and I saw Man at Bradford St Georges Hall in 1974 (one for cyfarthfa)

Family holidays prevented me from contributing som love for Money in Cardiff, but tonight's London performance was spectacular. 

And fortunately a good crowd too.

Next up, Yorkstone Thorne Khan, which I'm hoping for great things from too.


i still hate that venue

but for once i was glad it was packed!

smithers, if you want to re-enjoy the show, drop me a PM at the other GM site

Things I currently have tickets for:

This is the kit
Scout Niblett
BC Camplight
Jeffrey Lewis
Ryle Walker
Wolf Parade
Neil young

TBC: Nadia Ried - who, according to a recent communique, things she wont be at GM (but wants to be, clearly FAO:WALTER)



Super line-up there Nathan. Where are you seeing BC Camplight ... I hadn't noticed any announcements.

I was tempted to book Jeffrey Lewis in London but can't afford any more away games at the moment. 

I'm sowewhat pissed off that both JL and Steve Mason are playing EOTR and not Green Man.


The Manchester homecoming gig that was arranged before he was definately being allowed back in.... He has announced a Ireland date (limerick Festival gig), and more UK dates are imminent, join his FB group for all the NEWS. 

Good week last week with Yorkston Thorne Khan, Richard Hawley and Field Music all being top notch. This week I have Locust Honey Band bringing a bit of bluegrass to my local, and Bill Ryder-Jones on Friday. Looking ahead I have a growing list including Ought, Nick Harper (at my local again), Lovely Eggs, Meilyr Jones or Burning Hell (same venue on same night, different floors), Half Man Half Biscuit, PIL, Shellac, Hawkwind, Brian Wilson, Father John Misty, Nightingales and Ted Chippington, John Cale plus Gwenno Saunders supporting, John Grant with Meilyr Jones supporting (which is handy should I opt for Burning Hell), Rufus Wainright, Trembling Bells, Low and Ezra Furman. Also contemplating Les Mysteres de Voix Bulgares at Llandaf Cathedral. Oh, and I finally got round to booking my Green Man tickets this afternoon

Heads up, Stars of the Lid for anyone interested.

10/01 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Nord
10/02 London, UK @ Barbican
10/03 Bristol, UK @ Colston Hall
10/04 Nottingham, UK @ Nottingham Contemporary
10/05 Manchester, UK @ Methodist Central Hall
10/06 Glasgow, UK @ Oran Mor Auditorium
10/07 Newcastle, UK @ Sage Gateshead
10/08 Cork, IE @ Christchurch
10/09 Dublin, IE @ TBC
10/10 Brighton, UK @ St Mary’s Church
10/11 Brussels, BE @ Special location project presented by AB

Life in the sticks has its disadvantages re. access to decent live music but not this year! Just secured tickets for Castlepalooza festival at the start of July which is just down the (bog) road. Green Man favourites Villagers and Caribou along with Cat Power and Cian Nugent.