Festival virgin

Just relax and enjoy! Its a laid back thing and really friendly so you have chosen well!

Though beer and frivolity are in no short supply....

You've picked the right festival! I've been to a fair few different festivals over my short festival career and I can safely say that your friends are bang on. Nicest bloody festival about.

Just head off and have an absolute ball of a time! All the things you worry about when packing for a major corporate festival like theft and rioting just don't happen; I didn't hear a single raised voice all weekend. It's just a lovely merry family festival.

Had the best festival experience of my life at Green Man last year, & I've been to a few including WOMAD in New Zealand. I'm sure everyone on here will agree that you have made the right choice.

My only tip apart from the obvious chill out, let your hair down etc etc would be to make the most of the varied & exciting lineup! Last year I made so many new discoveries (new for me), I'd never come away from a festival feeling so inspired before.

 Thanks guys! I'm starting to get seriously excited now! If you happen to see a 21 year old with bright red glasses and a huge grin, that'll probably be me.