Feedback from the newbie

here's my thoughts on our first Green Man-


The vibe, such a lovely atmosphere, not once did I not feel unwelcome, random chats were plentiful and rewarding, from chatting to the lovely Irish couple in the pub at their first camping festival, to the funny New Zealander I shared a hip flask with while watching the burning. shiny, happy people.
The family campsite, easy access, totally spotless toilets all weekend, very tidy as people left on the last day.
The site, beautiful, the layout was perfect - nothing too far nothing too close, no real noise bleed between stages. loved that the distinct areas had different personalities.
The real ale tent, I was privileged to help sample the beers beforehand with Michael,Fran and Noosh and I'm so happy it was an absolute success! more next year!
The wandering acts, loved being constantly surprised by quirky acts popping up around the site.
Chai Wallahs, most of my musical highlights were discovered in here, which leads onto-
By The Rivers, great great band, please get them on a bigger stage, perfect reggae roots sound.
Ben Howard - made me incredibly happy and made my throat sore, beautiful performance.
Lows (not lows, more suggestions)-

Not quite enough for toddlers to do, baby's were catered for as were 4+. maybe more bouncy castle style things or a mahoosive ball pit? 
Band descriptions in the programme, I know festivals are about discovering new music but a clue as to the genre of the bands would have been really helpful.
Nappy change facilities on opposite sides of the sites, the portaloo style ones in the kids zone were great! more please.
and a special mention to the loo company - Andy Loos, not a single loo I visited all weekend was dirty or smelly or out of paper or handwash, they really did a fantastic job.

basically the highs by far outweigh the lows, and really the lows are more suggestions and in no way spoiled the weekend.

Thank you for the tickets, and thank you for the memories.

And Noosh + Michael i hope you get to read this, that hour i spent with you on Friday was lovely, thank you for taking the time to chat, you truely are great people - so hardworking, but willing to take the time for a chat and a beer. thank you, thank you!!