Far Out After Dark!!


We're very pleased to announce this year's Far Our After Dark line-up!!


Woof Woof




Mr Scruff 'Keep It Unreal' - renowned British DJ known for his six-hour marathon DJ sets the eclectic interweaving of jazz, swing, dancehall, drum and bass, dubstep and much much more

Bullion -  from mixing up J Dilla and the Beach Boys to transposing sampled voices into new contexts, and creating a kind of modern, sun-drenched psychedelic cut’n’paste  producers you just can't predict



The legendary R&S Records will be taking over the After Dark on the Saturday night of Green Man this year...

James Blake - London based English electronic music producer and singer-songwriter from London returns to DJ following a triumphant set on the mainstage in 2010.

Vondelpark - Dark yet beautiful, the dubstep flecked rhythms Vondelpark evoke any number of different emotions in glorious sensations.

Lone - Heavy Chicago house/techno and early 90s London rave sound aimed at destorying parties, whilst simutaneously staying true to his brilliantly beautiful nostaligic melodies.

Airhead - The London producer creates spacious, abstract compositions that are reminiscent of James Blake's earlier work.

The Chain - London based duo who have released two critically acclaimed EPs.



The Time & Space Machine - psychedelic live project from legendary London producer Richard Norris, the brains behind Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve.

Psychemagik - Join them in their cosmos and see the world through their eyes. Allow yourself to be drawn into their enchanted escape, the vista that will forever be lost in space.

Richard Norris  - Balearic beats and cosmic grooves to classic psychedelic gems, when it comes to being a man of many talents, there are few to equal Richard Norris


Great news! Might go for a cider to celebrate!

I've heard rumblings of the final headliner being announced next week - hope so!


though let's not clog up this thread with a discussion that really ought to have its own

Lovinfg the after dark line-up...especially Sunday night. Glad to see no Votel....I really couldn't handle another weekend of scowling at him.

I was hoping the Pete 'Seahawks' Fowler might put in an appearance - I 'spose there's always the GM pub - but I'm well happy with this line up.

Scouse is baiting me with his anti-Votel stance, but I'm just going to turn up my 'Vertigo Mixed' compilation and pretend I haven't noticed.

Christ on a bike.

I meant "definite", obviously.

Dunno, what's worse, the mistake or the need to correct it.


i offer a full spelling and grammar pass note to anyone under the influence of psychotropic substances

but only if they can write down the word psychotropic

I've been concentrating on it for too long. For some reason it's held my interest for a while now. The shapes, the colours, the forms... where's the mirror? I can't see myself staying in a room with no mirror...

am i too late to stop you looking in the mirror?

or have you already tried to poke out your horrible red devil eyes with that pencil you think you're holding?

The other chap who looks uncannily like me reached through the ether and stole my magic wand, if that's what you mean.