Fantastic Doves


   Don't forget the forum was full of people after last years green man saying how rubbish Wilco and animal collective were but it didn't stop last year being an exceptionally special festival--best i've ever been to---but if your a person who just goes for headliners then your better going to gigs.

     For me the announcements so far are stunning--- the wonderful steve mason/Fuck buttons/--i'll stop there because i will just end up listing the whole announcement--i can't believe anyone could fail to be excited by todays news--perhaps i'm just lucky that i know and like all the bands.

  Also my ego is not that big to call a band rubbish because i don't like them--i find Joanna Newsom really irritating but i'm not saying shes rubbish just that her sound doesn't appeal to me.

  I think a few people will be surprised at what an upbeat entertaining live band Doves are but if not plenty more to see.


 I think everyone one is being a tad dramatic, come on folks Spiritulized, SFA, Jarvis?  

What I love about the programming is they are never afraid to put on what they think is good - not what is cool.

I'll be at the front watching Fuck Buttons mind!



After the initial disappointment at the announcement probably time to move on. I actually like Wilco (and I think most people did enjoy their set last year) but chose to see James Yuill on the pub stage and he was utterly brilliant - the lesson being that headliners don't matter that much, there's bound to be something else really interesting on elsewhere - failing that an early night! Mind you I would get worried if they'd lined up Stereophonics and Snow Patrol in case Joanna and F Lips pulled out!


Should be plenty of more stuff yet to be announced too so staying excited!

i know, i know

i'm just being a git really

but the issue for me isn't so much the lack of something else to see - there's obvioulsy a ton of other things going on at the same time as the headliners

it's more about the way if affects the general tone of the weekend

things change - it's an unassailable truth

so harking back to the 'old days' is ultimately pointless

but there was a time when we went to greenman because there was no other festival like it

and the feel of the thing was built on our common delight in the bill

who ever thought there'd be a whole festival for people like us!?

even when there were bands we didn't like - and boy i didn't like the incredible string band in 2005 - still they made sense in the context

and ultimately attracted a like-minded crowd

a band like doves can be seen at pretty much any festival in the uk - so in booking them, green man continues to homogenise itself (something its steadily been doing for the last couple of years)

and becomes less interesting in the process

and, ironically, in that very homogenisation, engenders, in fact, LESS of a common feeling among the crowd

look at the evidence here on the forum - it divides people

and what i've always liked about green man is that it felt like the biggest front room i've ever been in

we might have all argued about which writer we liked best - but broadly we were all reading the same anthology

hey ho - like i say, things change

and i hereby vow to stop being snarky about doves on this forum!

but hey - doves!??

you know...?


ray x

 Ray, that sums up exactly where I'm coming from better than I could do it. Sadly, it's just another step away from the wonderful, unique Green Man of a few years ago to Generic British Festival #451b.


   Don't get me wrong i can understand where Ray is coming from and the changing/evolving line up over the last few years has resulted in a younger average age at the festival and the anticipated different atmosphere in the campsite has made us book a B&b for the first time.But i honestly believe that the announcements so far are the best of any Green Man and with nearly half the acts being of a folky nature the festival has certainly not ignored its origins but has broadened its appeal to those with less restricted music tastes.

    After saying that i would love there to be a folkier Green Man at Baskerville Hall maybe in the spring--I'm sure it would sell out.I don't know if you went to the Baskerville Hall festivals Ray Rad but if you did there was more yobbish behaviour from the farmers than a festival  full of Doves fans.

I have never considered that I could be one of the younger generation of Green Man goers that you talk about but I suppose I am. Last year's Green Man was my first and, despite the original ticket snatcher being Animal Collective and Bon Iver, the aspect of the festival that will keep me coming back is the punters. I don't know exactly how the festival crowd has changed but last years festival made such a change from my previous festival experiences at Leeds Festival.

The crowds there are full of people who are just there to live a weekend of anarchy, see a couple of headliners and care little for the music. This has been amplified on the forum by the amount of distaste for Arcade Fire (silly people). At Green Man however everything was so relaxed, I didn't hear a single raised voice throughout the whole festival and everyone I spoke to was as chuffed as I was: I remember sitting up till about 2am at one of the cafe's outside the arena with a guy who had been to every Green Man since the beginning and has some amazing tale to tell. Has there been a significant difference in attitude within the Green Man community at the festival that you are aware of?

can you just point out what is exactly wrong with standing arm in arm with your drunken friends,singing along to a band you like.or is a muted response to joy the way forward nowadays?

Absolutely spot on mate,you can guarantee that last years green man experience will be the same joyful one this time around.All these people with doubts about the doves,clearly haven't witnessed them live,i think their problems lie with the fact that they have them down as some awful northern oiks who have come to ruin the party.peacex


Have witnessed them live.

Don't wish to do so again.

Definately would not label ANYONE as "awful northern oiks".

Boringly uninflammatory though it is, maybe it's just that some people don't think that this festival is the right place for this particuar band.


There is nothing wrong with it, nor is there anything wrong with being northern (being so myself). My problem with Doves is that I find them M.O.R.ishly boring, in fact down right dull. 

 why the debate folks.don't watch the doves if you don't like them.don't come to green man if you don't fancy it.bear in heaven-opinions?

Very only worry is that Green Man as a festival isn't quite large enough to carry that 'if you don't like 'em see summat else' attitude...on the other hand, there are some awesome acts for this year lined up, Neon Indian, Wild Beasts, Fuck Buttons, Bear in so so so excited about seeing them :D 

 now your just being silly,there are two other stages,a film tent,a comedy tent,numerous bars,hey when the doves are on you could even try conversing with a stranger(a non doves loving one that is.)peacex

I didn't watch any of the main stage headliners last year (well a little bit of Animal Collective) and yet I managed to find plenty to do. Can't say I'm a fan of Doves but they seem like a good Sunday headliner kind of band.

 Would just like to add to the last post. Listened to some stuff they done and it all seems nicked. Sort of like bad 'Ghost riders in the Sky' and 'sort of wishy washy psych light'. Bet they wish they were Americans. But they will be alright I expect, just get a bit more out of it and hang around the back. Bet you loads a money that they can't deliver that sound live, which is the point really. I 'd also like to point out that I don't get out much so even knock off psych is a treat. But I'd have to have a fuck of a lot of cider to enjoy it. Which I will. If it's sunny. Boy, we need good Druids this year. And a witch. And a Catholic Priest to cover all the bases. Not impressed with 'The Doves'.


"Bored of the bland festival brands? Looking for a visionary new alternative?" (Green Man website)

We're given Doves.

Need I say more?



 I'm inclined to agree with the whole 'Doves=Bland Crap and dire atmosphere' thing.

This is going to be my first year at Green Man, as I couldn't make it the past few years for various reasons.  One of the major attractions with Green Man was that i thought it would be a world apart from the trogladytes and general monotony that surrounds festivals like 'T' in the Park; i.e. a bunch of shellsuit wearing pricks looking for a weekend of lawless and pill popping with no interest in the music.  And to be honest, I didn't ever expect to see the bloody smegging Doves on the line-up.  People can say what they like, but the reality is that as far as the general public and mainstream consumers are concerned, it is a fact that in that in the mainstream arena The Doves come under the same banner as Kasabian, Embarce, etc.  It's exactly what I DIDN'T expect, nor want, from Green Man.  My hope was for soemthing personal with a good sense of community.

I cannot understate my disappointment.


I don't think that the inclusion of Doves will have any affect whatsoever on the kind of people who come to Green Man or the overall Green Man vibe. Still think it's an odd decision but for all we know These New Puritans might be playing in the Far Out tent at the same time in which case who cares about Doves?

Just seen Doves in Wolverhampton and they were sensational. Maybe they aren't to the taste of some GM folk but I honestly can't imagine anyone being disappointed if their set on the Friday night is anything like as powerful as we got on Wednesday.