End of the Road

I know a few of you go so was wondering if anyone here is also hoping to go to End of the Road this year?



It'll be my first and although completely self sufficient, would be nice to know i know people there :)

We don't really do camping anymore so have not been the last few years but the line up was so good we had to book---we are glamping.It can get very cold at night so warm clothes and a duvet.Its a wonderful festival and good to have it to look forward to after GM---you will love it.

I'll also be there and I suspect you'll see lots of familiar faces there.  I'd also echo what BPH says about how cold it can be at night.  Like Green Man, its just a wonderful festival.

My wife got so cold at night at eotr that she flat refused to sleep out in Bertha bus again....she'd made it to 50 (Mrs that is, Bertha was only about 34 at the time...) but it was the bone chilling (!) Sept cold that was the final straw....wrap up!!

I've become a regular since blackpumpkinhead and born in the fifties convinced me of its charms.

I used to argue that my first love, Green Man, was the better festival but have come to realise that they are absolute equals but in different ways. EOTR is just as magical and I know you will love it.
Did anyone mention that it can get cold at night? :) .. I find the warm cider from the Somerset cider bus sorts that out. But pace yourself and don't miss the late night Tipi sets .. they are the stuff of legend.

Really looking forward to this. It will be our first EOTR (although we've been to the Larmer Tree Festival many times). Wonderful venue, and the lineup is spectacular. Well worth the 500 mile round trip!

Been going to both for well over a decade. Similar in many ways but each unique and special. Hot cider is definitely the way forward..

We shall regroup after our Green Man Covid hit and attempt to do this one instead. If anyone hears of 2 x adult and 2 x youth tickets going, please let me know.

got my fingers crossed that you manage to find tickets and save your festival summer.  It may be worth keeping an eye on EFestivals website (Although I would not subscribe to it!)  There is a forum for EOTR and you may see tickets going for sale.

Recommending getting the twickets app for alerts... They come through before the email alerts.

I was finding the tickets already gone with email alerts.

Good luck x

Morning lovelies...

Here we go again. If EotR is half as good as GM was it's going to be fantastic!

Meet location and time suggestions anyone? 

First time in EOTR this year, due to Covid sinking our GM plans. But I now have rolled over GM 2022 tickets, and got EOTR 2022 tickets today! A good way to celebrate a birthday milestone year.