so - some pleasant surprises amongsth the unknowns

the two i'm liking most at the moment are both on the rising stage

very much enjoying roscoe roscoe who close it on the sunday

(though worried they're going to clash with william tyler)

very pink-floyd-immediately-post-syd vibe - 1970 ibiza style trippiness - particularly on latest single 'jacob's ladder'

then really loving the goa express

four singles, all very different - though all wearing their (frequently appropriately-local, manchester) influences pretty freely

'overpass' sounds like brix-era fall - with a mick jagger harp break -

'be my friend' owes a lot to the damned's 'neat, neat, neat' -

'the day' is prime flying nun -

and most recent single,  'second time', could be james - with an early B&S jangle -

i'll be the weird old man in the crowd for them, for sure

Not to worry you will be a youngster in the crowd compared to me.

Loving Roscoe Roscoe but can only find 2 tracks.

Also might like Sister Wives,Modern Woman and Pet Deaths but they could easygo onto an avoid list when I hear more.

Need to have another listen to Newdad as well.

Only heard the debut singles of Modern Woman and Sister Wives(after suffering a terrible American band with the same name) and neither really grabbed me but made me curious to hear a little more.

I did have The Goa Express on my list to see at GM20 so glad they were rebooked for this year.  Also on the list (and appearing this year) were Egyptian Blue, who I did get to see just before lockdown supporting The Murder Capital in Bristol.

King Hannah are the band that I'm most looking forward to seeing after only hearing them for the first time in the play list.

If anyone has recommendations for noisy guitar bands and noisy electro bands (like Scalping who were amazing in 2019) then send them my way. 

Noisy electro and psych are sadly missing this year though Giant Swan after hours are ravey electro.Working men's club might fill your noisy guitar request and maybe Lounge Society---Will be watching Viagra Boys mainly to get a noisy blast of Research Chemicals.

Only got as far as most of the Mountain and Far Out bands that I wasn't strongly familiar with- trying to do full albums as much as I can. Deliluh sound great. Crack Cloud seem pretty interesting too. Both are Canadian collectives- hope they make it into the country.

Totally getting the King Hannah hype on this forum too. And Los Bitchos.

You won't be the only old man at Goa Express RayRad - really like what I've heard from them so far.  Finding that we spend more and more time at the Rising stage each year.

Lazarus Kane has 2 of the catchiest songs I've heard in ages for those looking for something funky.

Not a new discovery as such, but I'm most looking forward to Crack Cloud who I'm convinced will be the festival highlight - Pain Olympics is a monster of an album and should be amazing live

Gou will mostly find me at the rising stage, earing chicken...


Grandma's house are playing though not on the line up list.Are The Robots the first tribute act GM have ever listed? I think Faux Real and Lynks will be entertaining though I imagine they will be on many people's avoid list.Nadine Shah is a singer who has never really pushed my buttons but over the last few weeks has really grown on me.Most of my list is new discoveries and based on very few releases which I kind of like.