If you're like me, you'll probably be spending a bit of time around now checking out acts who are playing. Thought the following might be interesting to gather:

1) Your biggest "discovery" on the lineup?

2) Act you already knew about that you've been most keenly revisiting?

3) Pleasant surprise (somebody you weren't expecting to like, but have got into)? 

4) Which day you're most looking forward to?

5) Clash you're most worried about.

6) Which Stage do you expect to spend more time at than any other?

7) One "smaller" act (ie somebody on early or on the rising stage) you'd recommend to others.

I've got a few more to check out, but will post my answers when I've done that.

go on then - i'll play

1 - kokoko!

2 - richard thompson / stereolab  (now please don't let them clash...)

3 - nothing so far...

4 - saturday

5 - see 2

6 - main / WG

7 - modern nature

1. Nilufer Yanya

2. Tiny Ruins

3. No-one really

4. Saturday (Tiny Ruins/Richard Thompson)

5. Big Thief/RT

6. Walled garden

6 again. Mama's Broke

1. Difficult! Probably The Comet is Coming 

2. Stereolab 

3. Steve Mason 

4. Saturday (especially the run of Big Thief, Stereolab, Car Seat Headrest and The Comet is Coming)

5. clash free with my absolute must sees!

6. Main

7. Peaness

1.Durand Jones and The Indications.

2.Big Thief.



5.Big Thief and Richard Thompson(should be fine)

6.Mountain Stage, but the walled garden on saturday looks great.

7.Gwennifer Raymond, first on sunday morning in the walled garden, get down.



1. Khruangbin

2. Anais Mitchell

3. EX:RE

4. Can't pick one. They all have their gems. 

5. Villagers/Khruangbin/Bill Ryder Jones   and also Big Thief/Moffatt+Hubbert

6. MS/WG

7. Just Mustard

1. Alex Rex (Mr Neilson is well known to me, but the solo work wasn't)

2. Probably Tiny Ruins.  Had a hiatus of a few years.

3. Nobody.  I've tried hard with many of those 'vital' 6 Music hammered bands and I just don't care.  Live experience will be different - I'm told.

4. Saturday.  But also not, because...

5. That evening stretch of Tiny Ruins/Kokoko!/Big Thief/Richard Thompson/Aidan & RM/Stereolab is looking impossible to navigate without disappointment.

6. WG

7. Gwenifer Raymond.  I certainly will get down :)


2) Car Seat Headrest

3) Aldous Harding. Wasn't keen on last album but love the new one!

4) Friday.

5) Dry Cleaning vs Squid

6) will be close between Far Out and Walled Garden

7) Dry Cleaning are ace. Check them out.

1) Grimm Grimm

2) Eels

3)WHitney- I've always just assumed they're shit because of their name, but I've worked out I quite like them. 

4) Probably Saturday, maybe Sunday.

5) According to Clashfinder- Eels and White Fence.

6) Far Out, though the Walled Garden is VERY strong this year.

7) Grimm Grimm, I guess.

1) The Beths

2) Stereolab

3) Fat White Family

4) Friday

5) Durand Jones/Beths

6) Mountain

7) Self Esteem