Disaster strikes!

 I'm flying solo too, but then that's always has been the plan, though now we're days away I've a growing unease that it'll be less than ideal,  glad to read the comments above and likewise on other threads.

Roscoe you may be on your own...but you're not alone.

I also come on my own. There is only one thing that slightly worries me: I plan to come late in the thursday evening (due to late plane arrival), so there is a high probability that I'm building my tent in the dark and I'm not very skilful when it comes this. So if you want to have a laugh come and see me...



Yes, I feel a bit apprehensive too about coming alone but I did come last year with someone so I know the festival has a lovely warm, welcoming feel so I am hoping that memory holds true again (unless it was seen through the lovely red wine goggles). Be brave and I bet we dont regret it despite these current collywobbles!!

If you see four idiots dressed as Mexicans, then come and say hi, that'll be me and my mates. You might even get a free tequila!

I've been on my own and had a great time; there are many friends to be made and much fun to be had.  Come along, you won't regret it.


(And if you're having trouble putting up a tent, ask someone if they can help, they will - its that sort of festival)

 Thanks for all your encouragement, entirely because of which I've decided to brave it and even convinced one of the lads to come in the end! Hopefully will be meeting some or all of you on Thursday!