Did we? Or did we imagine it?

Marc Riley is playing there there my dear right now.

mrs is telling me that we saw dexys at green man one year. Did we?

figured it’d be easier to ask on here than trawl old line-ups...

I certainly did. Three or four years ago maybe? Kevin Rowland was scheduled to do the Mojo interview too, but cancelled at last minute. 

we've been every year since 2011 (apart from trying eotr in 2013). couldnt remember if, or when...


Agree with Ray. They were brilliant. Performed most of their "One Day I'm going to Soar" album in character and it was class! They were then followed by an equally brilliant set from the Felice Brothers. (Great line up that year)

Slugger Junior has reminded me that it was the very muddy year.

If I'm still standing I will be enjoying the company of Mr Rowland in the early hours of this Sunday morning at the All Together Now Festival in Waterford where he's doing a DJ set. 

the really really muddy year. van Morrison graced us with his presence 

but I’ve only been coming since 2011 and was trying to work out if/when we saw dexys

lets not talk about the weather