The day and stage line up is now up

I'm glad it it's not Fleet Foxes vs Holy Fuck, that worried me most. I think I can live without Destroyer, if there really is a clash between them and FF. See Ray?? Gruff vs Iron and Wine is worse. Of course I want to see Iron and Wine more. But seeing Gruff in his native Wales could be special too. Maybe I catch bits of both..

Thank you Walter!

 Oh bugger! Clash catastrophe! James Yorkston up against Fleet Foxes!?!? Iron & Wine, Gruff and Aless's Ark all up against each other?!? Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

I think the biggest clash for me is that it's potentially Lia Ices against The Cave Singers.

There's not too many though.

Shame I'll have to miss Gruff Rhys to see Iron And Wine, but I did see Gruff at Glastonbury.

good to see Racheal Dadd and Ichi on the lineup (cinema tent) - not sure they'd been announced before - or if they had i'd missed it.

Saw her at the Wilkommen mini fest last year... lovely.

I remember being able to watch wild beasts and have time to get a spot and watch flaiming lips in full, hope it works this way this year.

Excitement chez Slugger has now trebled and the negotiations have begun!

How feasible is it to catch a bit of each band in the case of stalemate in the negotiations?

Are the stages far apart?

I have a 10 year old who is very insistent as to what bands he wants to see. I need to spell it out to him that even if he misses Noah, life goes on! 

Don't you mean L-I-F-E-G-O-E-S-O-N? Stages only a few minutes apart unless you stop off in the Pieminister queue.


Arrgh ... Saturday is full of potential clashes. Will just have to see what the actual timings are like and plan accordingly.

The only consolation is that my 10 year old is as keen to see Polar Bear as Noah so hopefully they'll clash completely and the Bear will eat the Whale.

Although doesn't the pub stage finish earlier ... so JY may clash with both? No point in fretting about it now anyway - if I stayed at any of the three stages all day on Saturday I reckon I'd have a fantastic time.


Nothing after Sir Robyn on Friday's main stage is interesting me.

Daft question: Is the Green Man pub a pub?  (Small sit down venue?)

Maybe a chill out evening in the company of Emily (and of course her Red Clay Halo) is in order.

Yes, very glad about  the Holy Fuck - Fleety Boys non-clash

Gruff Rhys v Iron and wine will be a clash providing he's got a full band - saw Gruff on tv at Glatonbury - it just him and his guitar- not quite as much of a draw.....for me anyway.

Slighty suprising that James Blake is on the main stage as he seems more suited to the Folky Dolky - as I insist on still calling it.


I've done a quick and dirty spreadsheet with this year's acts against last year's times and put it on the unofficial forum here:

The slot timings for each stage may of course be different this year but it gives a better indication of where the clashes might lie.

One particularly annoying one for me is the possibility of a direct clash on Saturday between Martin Carr on the pub stage and The Leisure Society. I would have liked to have caught at least some of Martin's set.


Fleet Foxes / James Yorkston, and

Michael Kiwanuka / Laura Marling

are the other real nasties as far as I'm concerned

I watched Gruff at Glastonbury - he had a full band. They didn't film that stage though (Park Stage) so was he filmed in the BBC presenters area?

No no, I didn't want to hear that Gruff had a full band...  I simply cannot resolve this I&W Gruff clash.

thanks for you effort peridot. if only the friday time schedule was exactly like that: Lia Ices right between Other Lives and Cave Singers.

Having read Peridot's excellent Excel file there are some worrysome clashes - already seen Gruff recently and was not that impressed so Beam & Co get my vote there but it looks like I may eschew Holy Fuck in favour of Bellowhead (cue lynchmob) and the opportunity to be at the front for EITS, while I will probably miss the end of Treefight for Sunlight in order to catch all of Lia Ices. Sadly Ben Howard will be missed and the Burns Unit also so I can cry in front of some beardy bloke and the choice between the Low Anthem and Benjamin Francis Leftwich is yet to be made.

The annoying bit is that there are long periods when I'm not that fussed about anything...


I know what you mean wackojacko and I'm a bit peeved that most of my 'must sees' are on Saturday creating the clashes.

However in a way I'm also looking forward to those 'not that fussed' times when I can just go with the flow and the mood and find hopefully find some unexpected gems too.

More than ever I find myself hoping that the weather is kind to us and that trudging back to some shelter and dry clothes doesn't become the favoured option in the quieter times.


peridot, you are a bloody marvel

i'd been planning at some point this weekend to use last year's running times and this year's line up to see where we ended up

but time has worked against me

and now you've done it for me!

top man

Thanks for this peridot - great work. Given fair weather and compliant kids ( awholly unlikely proposition) I could happily spend from 5.15 to 12.45 in front of the main stage on Saturday. Still trying to work out how to be in three places at once between 10.00-11.45 on the Sunday though.