Daft parking questions

Now then,

It's not all that obvious from the site, but maybe I'm just not paying attention.

I'm likely turning up in my camper van with the kids. Am I right in thinking that unless I have a "live in vehicle" ticket I will get told off? Also, what is "Holiday Camping"? It says on the ticket website "if you are coming for the Holiday Camping you need a Holiday Live in Vehicle Ticket." I am coming for the Festival...so what's the difference?







Are you planning to stay in camper van? If so you need to pay for a live-in vehicle ticket. Holiday camping is for those coming on the Monday and staying all week.

Thanks, yes I'm planning on staying in the camper van, but not coming on MOnday. This is why it's confusing...it says that if I'm coming for the holiday camping I need the LIV ticket, and now you say that I need one even if I'm not coming for the holiday parking.

Perhaps whoever's done the ticket website needs to make things a bit clearer for thickos like me?


I bring a Van every year, you need a festival Live in Vehicle ticket and NOT a holiday Live in Vehicle Ticket, just select the festival from the 15th and you'll see it in there

Hey wimberry, we punters pay TicketMaster a lot of money to provide us with such a shite ticket buying experience - you're far from the first person that has had problems.

I think the holiday live-in vehicle tickets may be sold out and TicketMaster are causing more confusion by making reference to them when they are no longer listed to buy. This is bound to make people think that the general live-in tickets (which are still available) are the holiday ones that are referred to elsewhere.

This is the lint to the actual ticket page on TicketMaster-



Hey Wimberry

If you're bringing a campervan you'll need to have a live-in vehicle ticket (as well as your festival tickets). They are still available from https://www.ticketline.co.uk/order/tickets/13275547/green-man-2013-festival-ticket-glanusk-park-2013-08-15-10-00-00

The Holiday ticket is an extension which allows you to come and camp for three extra days before the festival begins (and enjoy all that the local area has to offer)

Let me know if you need anymore info!


hi, if it helps, I have a live-in vehicle ticket plus two festival tickets to pass on at face value as I can no longer go due to a personal issue. gutted but cannot be helped.