The curse that is talkers at gigs

The curse of talkers at gigs. Just when I thought I couldn't love Robyn Hitchcock any more.

Brilliant, i can't believe there are people even questioning his response, if you want to talk get a round in and get to the pub.


100% on Robyn's side here.

Have a look at 1min 10 into this. Christy Moore shows how to deal with gig-talkers. (or "wankers" as Christy refers to them). 

"I don't know if you can hear me but by fuck I can hear you. Get your money back and fuck off!" Classic! 

'F**k off' Christy Moore Loses His Mind - YouTube

 “Didn’t know that you are such a jerk. Until today I thought you were really cool. I mean, if I just want to listen to music I sit back in front of my stereo at home; goin’ to gigs is a social thing, man, meeting friends, have a beer and a chat while listening to music…”

unbeleivable how selfish and disrespectful some people can be.

There was no escaping gig talkers at this year's GM.

Unless you stand right at the front barrier there will be gig talkers. Even then there will always be somebody standing just behind with a random opinion about something unrelated to the performer.

Sadly I no longer have my 'enforcer' beside me at festivals and my own Paddington hard stare isn't as effective as his brooding frown and direct Yorkshire approach. 

The only time I encountered total rapt silence this summer was at James Yorkston's solo set at EotR.

And it was justified.

I was finding it hard to get excited by Kraftwerk but it wasn't helped by the half dozen 40 year old guys chatting loudly about the favourite and least favourite teachers when they were at school, only breaking off to cheer loudly at the end of each song. Wankers. 

Hard to avoid these days, although the crowd where I was for Arooj Aftab were amazingly quiet and didn't hear any talking during Jenny Hval or Ichiko Aoba either.  Worse crowd experiences were during Kraftwerk and Bicep. Loud chatting and clearly disinterested in properly listening, particularly during Bicep were i had a teenagers around me on Snapchat (this was front and centre)!