Thought I'd have a go at starting a gallery of our desirable GM accommodation choices....

This year I will be stylin the sister in law's Toyota campervan, as per.

Mrs blancanvas and her mate Lisa get to sleep in that, I will be larging it in a brand new eurohike tamar 2 berth...f%@k yeah.

Just £32 this month from Blacks.

Whats everyone else packin? 



Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...obvs can't attach pics to the forum. Oh well....


but at least we now all know that you're that curly-haired bloke from the boo radleys

Has the forum stopped allowing Pics etc to be posted?  I often get the missing file error message for no reasoN and try as I might, I cannot upload an profile picture for myself (I had settled on a picture of Noggin the Nog).

Those of us with more manners will recall and express our gratitude for some wonderful solo performances over the years.

Unfortunately it's never been possible to post photos here, which is a real shame as tent porn is my thing.



After lusting after Outwells for several years, we are now the lucky owners of an Outwell Montana 6, which I will be gracing the Settlers' site with. 

Outwell Montana 6, wow, looks incredible but out of my league cost wise - a groundsheet costs about as much as my tent cost. 

Mind you, it would be a bit extravagant, a 6 berth just for me (although it would be nice).

like you I miss out on the comforts of the vehicle for the eurohike tamar 2 berth - it’s not like I’m the one who drives it, gets the awning up and then is on bloody breakfast duty in it every morning or anything 


....hmmm the outwell Montana 6. Nice..... Are we getting ourselves a nice little van/tent discussion going here, even sans piccies?

We have a tatty Coleman tent, no idea what it's called, held together with gaffer tape and the filthy oomskah of many Green Men.

We accessorize this with a Woolie's gazebo, parts of which have perished through years of exposure to the balmy climate enjoyed at Glanusk.

The 20,000 or so solar fairylights from B&M transform our pitch into a palace of wonder... or so we like to think.

Ha ha! In years to come when "shoe-hawned" is in common usage, Ray, you'll get all the credit for that. 

Hurrah! Cyfathfa's back! And a big hurrah for the Druids too.

Of course, Cyfathfa gets luxury staff accommodation on site and loads of free meals.