Covid Pass says 'valid in England'


Live in Wales and followed links from site to get NHS login to get NHS covid pass, all went well and just needed security code from email and phone but when download covid pass say 'Valid in England' at bottom, no mention of Wales - have I done something wrong ?

Many thanks,



That has confused me as well and it's validity only lasts a few days when it should last for 30.I have asked for a printed copy to be sent.

it's not straightforward, but if you click on the travel pass (the second option on the website) that will allow you to get the 30 day pass. You'll need your driving licence or passport to hand. 

good luck!

It's peculiar but that's what I have as well - I'm sure it will be fine in Wales too. Once you've registered it only takes a couple of seconds to log in and get another 48hr pass if you're leaving the site and coming back in during the four days. 

I've just checked with GM about the 'Valid in England' pass generated by NHS Wales and it is ok. Their response: 'Don't worry, that's the right pass!'