Cover Version's

What cover version's did people hear over the weekend?

What i can remember there were -

Joan As Policewoman- Kiss-Prince

Marlon Williams-First Time i Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack & Screaming Jay Hawkins- ?

Phoebe Bridgers-Everything Is Free-Gillian Welch 

Courtney Marie Andrews- Chain Of Fools- Aretha Franklin 

Boya zooga- Jungle Boogie-Kool and The Gang 

Anymore Folks? 


Surfing Magazines also covered Neil Young's Vampire Blues and also Roll Over Beethoven. 

Hey mr Ray, you OK hun?




well i thought that as i’d already got all persnickety about the provenance of ‘first time ever...’, i’d give it a pass and hope he noticed it on his own

i don’t want to get a reputation as a complete arse...

The Wedding Present did Felicity, a William Shatner number by Orange Juice, and Getting Nowhere Fast is a cover of Girls at Our Best.

International Teachers of Pop hate Pink Floyd so much they covered the Wall.




Phoebe Bridgers also covered the Mark Kozelek / Jimmy Lavelle classic "You missed my Heart"