Clean Man

Just want to take an opportunity to thank all the volunteers and others who did a stunningly good job with keeping the site nice and clean.

They were on top of the job all weekend and that in turn discourages others from dropping litter. 

And on leaving this morning there seemed to be very few instances of "dirty camping".

Admittedly I only needed to use the men's urinals but the queues for the loos and general cleanliness, availability of hand sanitizer and smell seemed much better this year. Guessing the women's urinals and improved men's ones (plus signs letting people know they're there) helped. Da iawn Green Man. 

Absolutely, i couldn't believe how clean the site was throughout the weekend, it just shows what people can do when they pull together, refreshing.

Beautifully clean site... thanks to people's good manners and the phenomenal litter pickers.

Big thumbs up to the women's urinals too... a particular highlight for me was using them during the Kraftwerk set, surveying the site from on high and singing "she's a model and she's looking good" whilst fulfilling my mission!