Would you be pleased if this is how it turned out?

No idea! Low are on Friday (according to their website) and Kraftwerk can't play Saturday due to All Points East. GM tweeted that Low and Beach House aren't clashing.  Doesn't mean Kraftwerk and Low will definitely clash though. 

Do the ??? indicate there are a few more to be announcemed? I still hold out vague hope of the Bonny Light Horsemen joining us. I think it works on their currently announced schedule. 

i think there are a few more to be added yes.  Might be a few cancellations and therefore replacements as well.  The Clashfinder is based on last year's schedule but this year may have different number of acts so might not be any additions (other than the acts doing the Rising competition). 

How accurate is this version at this stage.  Already a major clash between Viagra Boys (lovingPunk Rock Loser) and Ezra Furman.  Just started listending to Ezra's new stuff (thanks to radio 6) and it is outstanding, she certainly has not stood still in re-creating her musical style (even though I also yearn to go back to the first performance I saw at GM).  
had been set on the full ViAgra Boys set, now it has to be Ezra, even if lower down the MainStage billing rather than a Far Out.headliner

It's not accurate.  It's all guesswork at the moment based on announcements that have been made by artists/bands.

Ezra is playing on Sunday.  Viagra Boys are playing either Friday or Sunday.  If Viagra Boys are on Sunday, it still might be the case that they are playing on the same stage as Ezra or at different times!  No need to worry yet! 

Thanks, not too dire yet and silly to worry about clashes which may not happen.

just wondered whether there was some insider knowledge invokve 

Nah no insider knowledge!  Quite a lot of acts have announced which days they're playing though so quite a lot of the days should be right it's just the times/stages which are not possible to predict.  

At a quick count, we're 2 fewer acts than last year on the 2 biggest stages and 5 or 6 on the Rising stage, so guess we can expect a couple of last minute announcements, which would mean clashfinder guesses won't be too reliable.

Any news on who's playing Settlers? 

Just getting round to having a proper look at clashfinder. Looking like no huge evening gaps, which is unusual. Will need to eat dinner earlier this year. Afternoons are looking sparse in places, but that's probably down to the number of acts I still need to have a listen to. 

An intrighing little handful of "TBC's" remain. And the question of who'll get replaced by the Wedding Present.

Any gems standing out to people that they've just discovered?

Clashfinder is updated a little bit.  GM confirmed on twitter that the running order listed on their website on the "view line up by day" is correct and that they will issue an updated poster soon.  Quite a few changes - notably on Friday and Saturday - with Arooj Aftab now clashing with Beach House (most likely), which is a massive issue for me. 

Deep down, the one that bothers me most is the chance of Pete Brown's beer pairing clashing with John Francis Flynn.....

But musically, Low and Modern Nature, Beach House and Arooj Aftab and Mary Lattimore and Marisa Anderson/William Tyler seem to be the big ones.

BCUC added to the line up.  They were phenomenal the other week at WOMAD, and have gone down as many peoples highlight of the weekend. Supposedly South African Gospel, but with a completeply manic African beat.  Check them out.

naima bock!

been absolutely rinsing her debut since it came out a few weeks ago

very happy to see her added on sunday

and see that pictish has been upgraded to the main stage

always pleased when anything i want to see departs that horrible tent