Currently says "Print if you have to". Does that mean it's the times from the programme? If so, why isn't it a "go on and print"? 

Will be there on Thursday as soon as the first train gets in and I get the tent up!

any speculation on who the 'special guest' might be on sunday?

i'm kind of hoping it isn't anyone good, as whoever it is will clash with the staves

I'm not there this year - decided after some to-ing and fro-ing to give it a miss and when I saw the line up I was quietly relieved as I couldn't see a lot to make me change my mind.

Just checked the clashfinder and easily plotted 3 days of music I'd be happy to watch, including some difficult clash decisions. Bugger.

Eyeing up the early bird tickets for next year already.

I saw more bands/artists yesterday than I've seen the previous two years, but I still keep finding others I wish I'd seen now! I'd like to have seen Georgia and Wu-Lu yesterda, and Yard Act on Thursday, but sometimes you have to sit down for five minutes and eat! I'll happily never see Shame again mind. 15 minutes was more than enough for me.