Cinema Tent at Green Man!

Hello you lot!

I'm happy to announce this years Cinema Tent bill (so far)... 'Withnail & I', 'Mistaken For Strangers' The National's tour film,Fence Records showcase, LCD Soundsystem's 'Shut Up & Play The Hits', Casey and Ewan’s Crystal Massage, Warp Records music videos, Radiohead's 'The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time' and much more...


Didn't think much of A Field in England having seen it on Film 4 tonight. I'll get a DVD and project it, but I don't think it'll get any better. I thought the 'tableux' were good though, and the mushroom trippy sequence was ok, also the big planet thingy. Music was ok, but the rest of the sound design was wooly and didn't do much. All seemed a lot of noise and fury with little intent. No thoughtful 'oomph' behind it. Made me wish that Dennis Potter was still with us. Compare it with your averge Nic Roeg or even Hammer in British mode.

Could we have "Sound It Out" please? It's a wonderful documentary about the last Independent Record shop on Teeside and the people who staff it and buy records there. Even better if you could get Jeanie Finlay to talk about it. This is the trailer 

BBC4 are broadcasting a short cut at 12.00pm this saturday, but the long cut is much better.