Charging stations and cash machines.

Hi all.


It's my first time at the Green man festival and the first time for the kids at a festival. I wondered if there are cash machines on site? or is it all contacless? plus can I charge up mobiles etc? not an issue if not I have  a battery charger for tablest etc.


The CND charges phone and tablets at £5 a pop - usually takes around 4-5 hours.

There are cash machines on site often with lenghty queues, especially by Sunday!

Forget contactless - take lots of cash. The Rough Trade tent still use those old-fashioned card readers which people under the age of 40 have probably never seen before - reception ain't good.


Thank you.


thays really helpful. my first festival in a long time too so not sure what to expect.

If it's the same as previous years there will be some cash machines at the top of the hill in front of the mountain stage. Bars and most food stalls are cash only. The property lock-up provides phone charging for a small fee, or if you really want to you can wear yourself out on a pedal powered charger in Einstein's Garden.

I hope you and the kids have a fab time.

The cash machines are usually fine but there was one year where they lost signal for a while, so I'd recommend to keep an emergency minimum just in case.

Unlike many other festivals, I don't think there's ever been an issue with (or even any reports ever of) theft at GM, so you can be a bit more confident about carrying lots of money. Think I'll be taking enough to last me the weekend and putting it in a moneybelt, but I suppose if you're carrying cash for a whole family for a whole weekend that might be a bit excessive.

By the way, I've recently got one of those external batteries that holds about 3 phones worth of charge- anyone know if the CND tent charge one of those instead of a phone? I'm guessing so.....

hmmm, somebody stole my sons Wellies from outside our tent last year and our tent neighbours (who was one of the bands during Settlers) had someone come into their tent while the were trying to get to sleep and steal their trousers from end of sleeping bag including wallet and phone. they chased after them but it was all a tangle as wrapped in sleeping bags. next morning we found out several other tents had been relieved of items. I know the wellies were a theft of opportunity as we are country bumpkins and had left them in our tents porch and it rained on the Thursday night something rotten so almost understandable - but was stuidly annoying as it was very wet and muddy all weekend and we were down a kids set of wellies and none to buy in his size :( And I assume the other thefts were drunkenness induced - but i would still not leave wads of cash unsupervised in tents :) We were fairly close to the exit gate, so we told ourselves it was people coming in from outside on a mission, and not a fellow Greenman ...

I think they'll charge anything that can be plugged into the mains. If it's anything non-standard you'll need to provide the charger as well but an external battery will be fine.


I've invested in something similar. I expect to use it other times too as I've been stuck on trains with dying phones too many times before.