Chai Wallahs

Don't tend to spend any real time here, but it's usually interesting when I stumble inside. Lots of people are happy to spend their entire weekend in Chai Wallah's so I think I need a bit of education - who are your top 3 acts please?

Some really great stuff there this year -

If I had to pick three it would be 

Tako Lako

The John Langan Band

Smerins Anti-Social Club



Never was too good at counting :)


deffo Talisman for me, if they are a tenth as good as they used to be, they will still be mighty.

I forgot to mention Marc O'Reilly too. Had got it to my head that he was on one of the other stages (where he should be - sort it out for next year GM)


Couldn't see Syd Arthur, guessing they've pulled out? I also like the sound of Martha Tilston and Ergo Shmidt

Bugger, you're right - just checked their facebook page and they appear to have swapped the delights of chai wallahs for supporting Yes in Las Vegas and San Diego!

The precipitation percentage probability has shot up in the last few hours. Don't worry, this will go full circle and all will be well with the weather!

Loving the tread resurection ... it's a reminder of just how essential next weekend is to us.

As for Chai Wallah's .. Sound of the Sirens will always be on my must-see list so I invite you to join me in the front row and if you are disappointed at the end the drinks are on me (Chai Wallah's drinks can never disappoint).

I had hoped that Hannah might bring her husband Samantics along for an impromptu appearance .. but I see that he's on the Beautiful Days line-up so unlikely.



If they don't clash with anyone I will watch Showhawk Duo because of the atmosphere they create---rave/dance music on acoustic guitars.

I love these guys.

They used to busk outside m and s in Bristol City centre.

I love the rave stuff but love the Rodrigo y Gabriela stuff even more.

Very excited for this as always wanted to go crazy dancing to them. Please note the only things that stopped me were generally just being in awe and not wanting to be the middle aged lady dancing like a crazy thing at 2 in the afternoon outside m and s.


That's not the first recommendation I've seen bph, and I'm beginning to think that any clash would need to be pretty essential to distract me. 

we stumbled into CW (2017 or 18) i think and watched a very good fun party band. I see theyre back this year - if you want to smile and bounce, rather than nod and stroke your beard, they might make your toe tap

I can certainly recommend Afro Cluster. Came across them on Adam Walton's excellent Saturday night show on Radio Wales and bought there new album as a result. Sort of brassy funk-rap. Old skool.