Car parks


How far apart are the blue and orange car parks? I’m coming up on my own with an orange car park ticket and meeting Friends wit a blue car park ticket. Am I going to be walking me (inevitably) overstuffed bags across three fields??? 

Typos and or nonsense entirely due to not being able to see wtf I am typing because of a girt big error warning on my phone #makeitgoaway #ididntwantthefileanyway 

It's a bit of a trek through general camping but not too bad, although with all of your stuff it will feel longer. If there's room in your friends car could they take some of your gear, that would make things a lot easier. If not, there are trolleys for hire. 

meeting up beforehand may not be possible but I have a trolley and will remember To always keep a can of ale handy for pit stops. It is the ten tonne gazebo that I’ll be swearing at (and applauding later)